Broadbandits’ Revenge

The politics of telecommunications policy have changed, and not just because Democrats now control Congress. Over the last few years, the Republican-led Federal Communications Commission has deregulated the consumer broadband offerings of traditional telecom companies AT&T, Verizon, Qwest and others. These companies have responded by investing billions of dollars in next-generation fiber networks and new video services, such as IPTV. Read More ›

Pope Benedict and Nature’s Genius

Part 1: The Limits of Scientism The public conversation about the evidence for design in nature has grown more heated of late even as it has grown more complicated. While newspaper reporters continue to serve up easily digestible sound bites, the controversy has developed into one far more variegated than any simple clash between evolution and creationism, let alone science Read More ›

Slow But Steady “Telework Revolution” Eyed

The nation and major urban regions within the West Coast Corridor of Cascadia and California – namely Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego – continue to grapple with costly road and transit projects and the threat of global warming. These stem in part from workforce and population increases. Against this backdrop, common-sense trip reduction strategies such Read More ›


With the Port of Seattle poised to buy the abandoned 42-mile Eastside rail line from Burlington Northern and Sante Fe, a proposal championed by Cascadia Center and others for Eastside commuter rail is gaining steam. Cascadia held two community forums in January, in Kirkland and Snohomish. A Cascadia report on those events, including contact information for public officials who can Read More ›

What Happened to Freedom of Speech?

This article, published by Premise Media, mentions Discovery Institute Center for Science & Culture Senior Fellows Richard Sternberg and Guillermo Gonzalez: For example, Stein meets Richard Sternberg, a double PhD biologist … On his journey, Stein meets other scientists such as astrobiologist Guillermo Gonzalez, who was denied tenure at Iowa State University in spite of his extraordinary record of achievement. Read More ›

FCC Inquiry Shows Broadband Regulation Unnecessary

[PDF] Before theFederal Communications CommissionWashington, D.C. 20554 In the Matter of:Broadband Industry Practices ))))) WC Docket No. 07-52 REPLY COMMENTS OF HANCE HANEYDIRECTOR & SENIOR FELLOW – TECHNOLOGY & DEMOCRACY PROJECTDISCOVERY INSTITUTE The comments in this proceeding[1] fail to paint a compelling justification for the Commission to subject broadband service providers to the uncertainties and burdens of a new regulatory Read More ›