Explore Evolution Textbook and Website

Visit the Explore Evolution website at www.exploreevolution.com. New Textbook Seeks to Improve Teaching of Evolution by Promoting Inquiry-Based Approach Explore Evolution: The Arguments For and Against Neo-Darwinism (Hill House Publishers Ltd., Melbourne and London, 2007) is the first biology textbook to present the scientific evidence both for and against key aspects of Darwinian evolution. “Sadly, the majority of biology textbooks Read More ›

Good News, Mr. Gore, the Apocolypse Has Been Postponed

Yes, you have heard a lot about global warming. But the following analysis by Mary Ellen Tiffany Gilder offers some truly novel insights I strongly commend to you. “Melly” Gilder is a graduate student in medicine, daughter of Discovery Institute co-founder George Gilder and an experienced overseas medical missionary in South East Asia. —Bruce Chapman Click here to download the Read More ›

TV & Radio Appearances

Featured Interview Dr. Stephen Meyer and Darwinist Dr. Michael Ruse discuss intelligent design and Darwinism on the PBS program Ben Wattenberg’s Think Tank.Think Tank Part 1: http://thinktanktv.com/media/index.php?m=243Think Tank Part 2: http://thinktanktv.com/media/index.php?m=242 Talk of the Times: Intelligent Design vs. Evolution (Seattle Times & Townhall)Fellow: Stephen MeyerApril 26, 2006Audio MP3(89.8MB)–Or Download as Two MP3s—Part 1-Audio MP3(47.2MB)Part 2-Audio MP3(42.6MB) Janet Parshall’s AmericaFellow: Michael Read More ›

Darwinism and Conservatism: Friends or Foes?

Click here to watch the video.Click here for to listen to the audio. There is a growing debate among conservative thinkers and pundits about whether Darwinian theory helps or harms conservatism and its public policy agenda. Some have argued forcefully that Darwin’s theory provides support for conservative positions on family life, economics, bioethics, and other issues, while others have countered Read More ›

Dallas Darwin vs. Design Controversy

Press Coverage of the SMU Controversy SMU profs protest intelligent design conference Jeffrey Weiss Dallas Morning News March 24, 2007 “Darwin vs. Design” at SMU — twaddle on both sides Jeffrey Weiss DallasNews Religion March 24, 2007 Letter to the Editor Larry Bradshaw SMU Daily Campus March 27, 2007 Letters: Intelligent design AT SMU Dallas Morning News March 28, 2007 Read More ›


Brave New Bioethics Brave New Bioethics is a series of podcasts recorded by Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Wesley J. Smith exploring the many policies and proposals in bioethics, bioscience, and animal liberation that threaten the belief that human life has worth merely and simply because it is human. Episodes are listed below. Cloning Double Talk Hospice Association Refuses to Denounce Read More ›