Belief in Intelligent Design is Pure Logic

Original Article The debate concerning intelligent design and evolution has revealed some confusion about the concept of religious faith. What constitutes religious faith? Traditionally, religious faith refers to a belief in a particular revelation, a specially delivered message, something we couldn’t figure out by reason alone. Thus, the Jewish people have faith in the revelation they believe was given to Read More ›

POF Task Force Report

Final Report of the Passenger Only Ferry Task Force convened by the Joint Transportation Committee of the Washington State Legislature in 2005 to review alternative proposals for providing passenger only ferry service in Puget Sound. Download Here

Intelligent Design — A Scientific, Academic and Philosophical Controversy

Many Americans are focused on what should be taught in the schools regarding our universe and the Earth — how life as we know it has come to be. This has become a hot-button issue, igniting controversy in Kansas over what should be taught in the public schools and in Pennsylvania, where a high profile trial is taking place over Read More ›

Under God or Under Darwin?

Original Article When President Bush declared his support for the teaching of Intelligent Design (ID) theory in public schools along with Darwinian evolution, both he and the theory itself drew a lot of criticism. Among the many lines of attack the critics launch, one theme remains strikingly constant: the notion that ID is a Trojan Horse of Christian fundamentalists whose Read More ›

Don’’t Fear the Designer

Original Article My new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science, addresses many topics, ranging from endangered species to the alleged warfare of religion and science. But two in particular have repeatedly come up in radio interviews: global warming and intelligent design (I have chapters on both). Most on the Right are agreed on global warming: It’s mostly politics dressed Read More ›

‘Intelligent design’: What do scientists fear?

Original Article The issue: Should public schools teach “intelligent design,” the theory that the universe and its life forms are so complex that a higher cause must have been involved in making them? ( Related: Read previous columns) Bob : Cal, I’m going to stray from the consensus liberal line on the issue of intelligent design. The Dover, Pa., school Read More ›

Fox Q13 Interviews TDP Director Hance Haney

Original Article Seattle is on the cutting edge when it comes to technology. With companies like Microsoft in our backyard developing technologies like you’ve never seen before. As we continue our special series “Seattle 2013,” catch a glimpse of the technology of the future. Today, in 2013, Seattle is a new city. Much of it is thanks to technology. When Read More ›

Creation is a Revelation of God’’s Presence

Psalm 136 has been called “The Great Hallel,” a solemn and majestic hymn of praise that the Jewish people would sing during the Passover liturgy. We have just listened to the first part of the psalm, according to the division used in the Liturgy of the Hours’ evening prayer. Let us reflect first of all on the refrain, “God’s love Read More ›

Origins by Court Order

Original Article The hotly worded federal court decision spanking a Pennsylvania school board for raising doubts about evolution sparked the usual fulminations by evolution advocates and its discontents. That’s unfortunate. In reality, the actions of the Dover school board and the court decision are both regrettable. The trial record, at least as summarized in the decision of federal District Court Read More ›