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Fox Q13 Interviews TDP Director Hance Haney

Seattle - The Year 2013

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Seattle is on the cutting edge when it comes to technology. With companies like Microsoft in our backyard developing technologies like you’ve never seen before. As we continue our special series “Seattle 2013,” catch a glimpse of the technology of the future. Today, in 2013, Seattle is a new city. Much of it is thanks to technology. When it comes to our homes, life has been simplified in 2013.

Jonathan Cluts, Microsoft: So, I’m going to put my palm up here, it will scan it for me, gets a match…come on in.

Inside Jonathan Cluts’ home over at Microsoft radio frequency identification technology has made his house a haven of convenience.

Hance Haney, technology researcher, Discovery Institute: Every piece of merchandise has a radio frequency identification tag. Every object has similar capabilities, everything can be connected to the Internet and it’s changed everything.

Jonathan’s house actually knows what music he wants to hear, his favorite temperature he likes to heat his home at and he can talk to the house.

Jonathan’s voice is all he needs. It raises the curtains to let the sun in or checks his messages. In the kitchen the computer acts as an assistant chef and homemaker.

RFID runs the fridge too, it knows when to buy eggs or milk or when to toss that spoiled food.

When it’s time to unwind, high definition TV and music come from a Microsoft media center that’s connected to everything, in every room of the house.

Eight years ago in Seattle a media center like this one would have cost you a small fortune, but today it’s much more affordable and you’ll find them in homes all over Seattle.

The system that once cost nearly $50,000 today, in 2013 is a bargain at $5,000.

A media center for sale at Magnolia Audio Video is combined with a plasma high definition television and shows remarkable images.

To top that off you can download music, check your email and instant message friends.

Levi Clark, Magnolia Audio Video: I have the same thing on my iPod, it can be on my media center. I can load on my cell phone, I can have it in another room off my x-box 360.

It’s so simple, you’ll never have to leave your house again.

Now, that broadband is available in almost every Seattle home in 2013 people are wired in. That means less commuting.

Haney: With the high definition stereo quality that’s available today, I feel like I can almost be somewhere without actually being there. I don’t have to waste hours dealing with the Seattle traffic congestion, that’s a thing of the past.

With light rail up and running all over Puget Sound today in 2013, many people are still hopping a train to work and taking technology with them.

Josh Moussette, Best Buy: If we integrate the technology in the city, stream news reports you guys are doing.

But, life isn’t all about work. Video game technology in 2013 is extremely true to life. Games for the Microsoft

X-box 360 are in HD and the action is intense.

Because of all the technological changes in 2013, there’s really no reason for you to go down to the store and pick up CDs anymore. All of those are available for you on the Internet at the fraction of the cost.

While CDs are going away our cell-phones are certainly not. They’re more advanced than ever before. Use a Verizon Wireless phone as an example, it is an MP3 player, video camera, and digital camera all in one.

Moussette: You have your phone with you. You’ve got everything you need to take pictures of you guys on the Space Needle, you can take video of you guys walking through Seattle Center.

At home you can visually stay in touch with friends and loved ones all over the planet with a Motorola videophone.

Clark: I can say hi to grandma and check out the newborn and keep in touch with people around the country and around the world.

After chatting with a relative overseas how about jumping across the pond to see his country from the comfort of your living room?

Haney: You can even take a virtual vacation if you want to tour Rome for example you could go there in virtual broadband reality.

From traveling through the galaxy, to listening to music or just watching high definition television, technology has made life simple today in 2013.

Many of the goodies mentioned are available now in 2005 but they are pretty pricey. Electronics dealers expect those prices to drop in 2013. For you X-box 360 fans, the new and exciting video game system hits stores in Seattle Nov. 21, 2005
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