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‘ID’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Idiot’

Being an intelligent scientifically literate person who has serious problems with Darwinian evolution has caused me countless moments of consternation. I am frustrated with the dribble coming from anti-Christian people like Joan Ryan, syndicated columnist for the Times-Mail, and Eugenie Scott, professional Darwinian atheist. Reading Ryan’s column reminded me of a lecture Scott gave at the Indiana University Auditorium two Read More ›

Vienna Cardinal Draws Lines in Intelligent Design Row

Original Article VIENNA (Reuters) – When Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn waded into a heated debate over evolution in the United States, his goal was not to persuade American schools to teach that God created the world in six days. Nor was it to condemn Charles Darwin and his “The Origin of Species”, a book that Schoenborn, the Roman Catholic archbishop Read More ›

Who is Stuck on Stupid?

Two adjoining building lots with beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico were for sale. One was purchased by Mr. Charles Ant, an engineer, and the other was purchased by Mr. Teddy Grasshopper, a lawyer. Each lot was 6 feet above sea level. Scientists had calculated there was a 10 percent chance of a 5-foot storm surge, a 5 percent Read More ›

Foster Critical Thinking in Schools

Original Article Academic freedom fosters critical thinking and belongs in schools. My approach to explanations of biological diversity, be they the variety of scientific materialism theories such as Darwinian evolution (my district curriculum mandate) or a discussion of the emerging design theory (non-curriculum viewpoint), is to encourage students to weigh evidence on both sides of an argument critically. Charles Darwin Read More ›

Intelligent Design Offers a Competing Explanation for the Origin of Life

Original Article Last year, the Dover School District Board in York County adopted a policy that makes students aware that evolution is a theory and not fact. The policy also states, ”Intelligent design is an explanation of the origin of life that differs from Darwin’s view.” Representing 11 parents who object to the policy, the American Civil Liberties Union and Read More ›

Intelligent Design and Academic Freedom

Click here to listen to the complete NPR story. This article is exerpted from the full report by Barbara Bradley Hagert, broadcast on Nov. 10, 2005 For more information about Richard Sternberg click here. Intelligent design — the idea that life is too complex to have evolved through Darwinian evolution — is stirring up controversy not only in high school Read More ›

Intelligent Design Evolving into Hot Issue

Original Article Indiana House Majority Leader Bill Friend knew that just asking constituents about the teaching of “intelligent design” in public school science classes could stir controversy. “We were trying to see if this is a hot-button issue for people,” said Friend, one of 36 Republican lawmakers who included the issue on a survey. All they had to do was Read More ›

‘Intelligent design’ theory definitely belongs in biology class—as a history lesson in the evolution of thought.

Original Article I don’t believe that the universe was intelligently designed. I don’t think that “intelligent design” is a scientific theory: It appeals to the supernatural and cannot be empirically tested. I think its proponents have religious motivations for trying to insert it into the curriculum. But I also believe it should be taught in high school biology classes. The Read More ›

Let ‘intelligent design’ and science rumble

Original Article MICHAEL BALTER is a human evolution writer for Science. The views expressed above are his own. Should “Intelligent DESIGN” be taught in school alongside the theory of evolution? That’s the question being tried in a federal court in Pennsylvania, where 11 parents have sued to block the teaching of intelligent design in Dover’s high school. But it’s the Read More ›

A couple of bad ideas: Legislature shouldn’t design curriculum

Original Article It’s only November, but a couple of bad legislative proposals are already knocking around the Statehouse. Take, for instance, an idea floating among Republican members of the House to require the teaching of intelligent design alongside evolution in public schools. Now, Hoosiers could no doubt argue the merits and demerits of both ID and evolution for hours, if Read More ›