The Future of Amtrak

This information is excerpted from the full report and description on KUOW broadcast on November 15, 2005. For more information about Cascadia Center For Transportation Co-Director Tom Till Click Here Last week the Amtrak board fired its President and CEO, David Gunn. The General Accountability Office had just issued a report critical of Amtrak operations. Today there is a congressional Read More ›

Faculty Protest Creation Speech

Original Article A planned lecture by intelligent design proponent John Lennox has upset Samford University faculty who don’t want the Baptist-affiliated school to be seen as endorsing teaching alternatives to evolution. A resolution introduced in the College of Arts and Sciences’ faculty senate describes intelligent design as a political movement, not science. The resolution, by Samford geography professor Max Baber, Read More ›

Liberté and Egalité against Fraternité

Discovery’s youngest intern—fifteen-year-old Alex Binz—is the 2005 winner of the Independent Institute’s Olive W. Garvey Fellowship. Competing against undergraduate and graduate students from unversities all over the world, Binz came out on top, taking home the first prize of $2500. Original Essay It is hard to imagine two people more different. M. Lamartine was a poet who supported socialism; M. Read More ›


Original Article When professors go outside their subject areas, the results are usually not pretty. Take the case of philosophy professor Barbara Forrest, called on to challenge the scientific theory of intelligent design in fora academic and legal. “Seventy thousand Australian scientists signed a letter saying that intelligent design is not a science,” Dr. Forrest told an audience at a Read More ›

Citizens Have Right to Present Proposed Evolution Policy at School Board Meetings

School Officials Must Answer in Court for Alleged Religious Discrimination Sacramento, CA – In an important legal victory for citizens seeking to improve how evolution is taught in public schools, a federal judge has ruled that California citizens have a Constitutional right under the First Amendment to put proposed evolution policies on the agenda of local school board meetings for Read More ›

Another Flu in the Cuckoo’s Nest?

Original Article It’s always something. The problem is, not all somethings are created equal. But when you’ve got politicians anxious to appear alert (or deflect attention from more pressing matters), and media always desperate to huckster their wares, and people willing to say the most outrageous things in order to get attention and funding – who can tell what’s really worth fretting over? The Read More ›

Does Reason Need God?

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn’s “Finding Design in Nature” from the July 7 New York Times, still generates a considerable stir since its publication. Although his precisely worded statement merely reiterates the Catholic Church’s critical view of evolutionism (see John Paul II, Fides et ratio, no. 54; General Audience, 27 May 1998, No. 5), some believe that Schönborn’s “unofficial” clarification signals a Read More ›

Darwin’s Critics Are No Bigots, in Contrast to Certain Darwinists

Remove from the natural sciences the mystery of beauty, of purpose, and of meaning, and you are left with evolutionism. It is neither a hypothesis nor a fact; it is rather a method, a discipline. Existence, proclaimed Richard Dawkins, “is no longer a mystery,” the riddle having been solved by Darwin and Wallace. And yet the riddle remains. This last Read More ›

Intelligent Design Advocate Hits Back Against Critics

This article, published by PennLive, mentions Discovery Institute Center for Science & Culture Senior Fellow Michael Behe: Lehigh University biochemistry professor Michael Behe testified for a third day on behalf of a school board that is defending its decision a year ago to require students to hear a statement about intelligent design before ninth-grade biology lessons on evolution. The rest Read More ›

Highway Capacity and Tolling

This Powerpoint presentation was made available by Cascadia Center Fellow John Niles and represents the type of policy issue the Cascadia Center supports in its transportation efforts. Tolling will, again, be a major subject at our third Technology and Transportation conference at Microsoft in 2006. This presentation was made by Dr. Adrian Moore, Vice President at the Reason Foundation located Read More ›