To Debate or Not to Debate Intelligent Design?

Original Article When I heard that advocates of “Intelligent Design” were urging schools to “teach the controversy” between their view and Darwinian evolution, I was dismayed. About 20 years ago, I coined the phrase “teach the controversy” when I argued that schools and colleges should respond to the then-emerging culture wars over education by bringing their disputes into academic courses Read More ›

Institute: Both sides wrong

Original Article Two members of the Discovery Institute attended the trial but did not participate. The Discovery Institute, the leading proponent of intelligent design, took aim at both sides in the Dover Area School District’s case that started Monday in U.S. Middle District Court in Harrisburg. Representatives for the Seattle-based organization oppose the district mandating a policy that it says Read More ›

Is Teaching Intelligent Design Illegal?: A Debate

Original Article The “Monkey trial” of John Scopes is generally thought to have set back the anti-evolution forces which were gathering momentum 80 years ago, but in recent years they have massed again. Intelligent design—a theory that acknowledges evolution yet presumes a “designer” behind it—appears poised to deliver better results for doubters about Darwin’s view of evolution. While some call Read More ›

Intelligent Design Explained

Original Article Intelligent design isn’t meant to re-insert God into science but rather to question the mechanisms of the Darwinian theory of evolution. That is what Phillip E. Johnson, a retired law professor who is sometimes called the “father of intelligent design,” told a group of Washburn University students and members of the community Saturday night. “I thought it went Read More ›

Lawsuit Alleges that Federally-Funded Evolution Website Violates Separation of Church and State by Using Religion to Promote Evolution

San Francisco, CA — A California parent, Jeanne Caldwell, is filing a federal lawsuit today against officials of the National Science Foundation and the University of California at Berkeley for spending more than $500,000 of federal money on a website that encourages teachers to use religion to promote evolution in violation of the First Amendment. “In this stunning example of Read More ›

Holy Rights

Abortion continues to dominate discussion about John Roberts’s nomination and will certainly dominate commentary surrounding President Bush’s second nominee. Beyond the posturing and polemics, however, the core issue is not in play. Even if President Bush is successful in appointing two anti-abortion justices, five votes will remain on the Court to uphold Roe’s essential holding protecting a woman’s right to Read More ›

It’s Clear: Plan Today For Water Tomorrow

Original Article Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire’s statewide emergency drought declaration in March 2005 energized a growing public information campaign for water conservation in central Puget Sound. But with the many rains that soon followed came an important realization: The real water challenge in Western Washington is not scarcity. It is future population and economic growth. A 2001 Central Puget Sound Read More ›

Biology Journal Says It Mistakenly Published Paper That Attacks Darwinian Evolution

This article, published by the Chronicle of Higher Education, mentions Discovery Institute: The Discovery Institute supports many leaders in the intelligent-design movement and has been working to promote the teaching of the theory in secondary schools and colleges. The rest of the article can be found here.

Senior Fellow David Berlinski Explores the Fascinating History of Mathematics

In Infinite Ascent, David Berlinski, the acclaimed author of The Advent of the Algorithm, A Tour of the Calculus, and Newton’s Gift, tells the story of mathematics, bringing to life with wit, elegance, and deep insight a 2,500-year-long intellectual adventure. Berlinski focuses on the ten most important breakthroughs in mathematical history and the men behind them. Here are Pythagoras, intoxicated Read More ›

Katrina: Catatonia Compounds Catastrophe

Click here to a view a PDF of this document. Click here to view a PDF of the executive summary. Click here to view a PDF of the full text, or for HTML, click here. While more information will surely come in, it appears that enough is known to draw six lessons taught anew by Katrina. At bottom the prime Read More ›