With the Port of Seattle poised to buy the abandoned 42-mile Eastside rail line from Burlington Northern and Sante Fe, a proposal championed by Cascadia Center and others for Eastside commuter rail is gaining steam. Cascadia held two community forums in January, in Kirkland and Snohomish. A Cascadia report on those events, including contact information for public officials who can help move the plan forward, is here. Recent news links are below. First……
……links to preliminary conceptual sketches by artist J. Craig Thorpe of Eastside commuter rail line stations. The sketches were commissioned by Cascadia Center.



South Kirkland

Totem Lake



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Cascadia Center

Founded in 1993, as the Cascadia Project, Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Center for Regional Development is an important force in regional transportation and sustainable development issues. Cascadia is known for its involvement in transportation and development issues in the Cascadia Corridor, Puget Sound and in the U.S.-Canadian cross-border realm. We’ve recently added to that mix through a major program to promote U.S. efforts to reduce reliance on foreign oil, including the earliest possible development and integration of flex-fuel, plug-in, hybrid-electric vehicles.