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Greater Philadelphia, PA

Design & Designer: The Convergence of Science & Theology

2020 Westminster Conference on Science and Faith


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, this event has been rescheduled for April 9–10, 2021. Visit back by January 2021 for updated schedule and registration.

The Center for Science and Culture, in partnership with Westminster Theological Seminary, is excited to announce the 2020 Westminster Conference on Science & Faith.

Where do science and faith converge?

Well, an increasing number of scientists are seeing undeniable evidence of design and purpose in the universe — from nanomachines in microscopic cells to finely-tuned physical conditions in our solar system, galaxy, and the universe at large. Where did that design and purpose come from?

Meanwhile, people of faith the world over have marveled at the power and genius of the designer described in the Bible — a God who creates order and beauty out of chaos. But is that faith supported by the scientific evidence?

At this unique conference, scientists and theologians will meet to explore this year’s theme of Design & Designer: The Convergence of Science & Theology. The event is co-sponsored by Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture and Westminster Theological Seminary.

For more details, advance to the registration site.

April 3–4, 2020

See the full schedule here.

Covenant Fellowship Church – Greater Philadelphia, PA


Featured speakers will include scientists and scholars from the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture and theologians from Westminster Theological Seminary. You will hear from Brazilian chemist Marcos Eberlin, author of Foresight; philosopher of science Stephen Meyer, author of Signature in the Cell, Darwin’s Doubt, and — later this year — The Return of the God Hypothesis; philosopher of biology Paul Nelson, co-author of Explore Evolution; theologian Scott Oliphint, author of Reasons for Faith; theologian Vern Poythress, author of Redeeming Science; biologist Daniel Reeves, educational outreach coordinator for the Center for Science & Culture; apologist Melissa Cain Travis, author of Science and the Mind of the Maker; social scientist John West, author of Darwin Day in America; and apologetics professor Carlton Wynne, co-editor of Zeal for Godliness.

Youth Track

Once again, we will offer a special series of breakout sessions designed for junior high and high school students. These interactive sessions will help youth to integrate their understanding of science and faith as they enter the world of academia. Consider bringing a group of students from your local school, youth group, or homeschool community. Attendees in elementary grades or younger, or in need of special assistance, are welcome to join but should be accompanied by an adult.