Welcome to the Brave New Jersey

This article, published by, the New Jersey Star Ledger, mentions Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Wesley J. Smith:

However, the other day I came upon some aspects of the research that frightened even me. Wesley J. Smith is the author of a book titled “A Consumer’s Guide to a Brave New World.” He’s a lawyer and sometime Ralph Nader collaborator who is skeptical about just where the biotech industry is leading us with its incessant call for infinitely more spending on the research.

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Nature Magazine Letters Responding to ID Coverage

Nature magazine for May 19 has published a number of letters responding to their recent coverage of intelligent design. When science meets religion in the classroom Jerry Coyne Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 60637, USA Sir: In the Editorial “Dealing with design”, Nature claims that scientists have not dealt effectively with the threat to evolutionary Read More ›

Mt. Vernon Bus Proposal Begs Community Insight

Original Article A plan to start a commuter bus line linking Bellingham to Mount Vernon is an idea with promise but also one that raises some serious long-term questions for our community. MOUNT VERNON BUS SERVICE IS TOPIC Whatcom Transportation Authority board members will consider bus service to Mount Vernon during their Wednesday meeting, which starts at 8 a.m. in Read More ›

The Discovery Institute and ID

Until about two months ago, I hadn’t read much material put out by the Discovery Institute. Their Center for Science and Culture is one of the main forces behind Intelligent Design. What little knowledge I had of them was based on what I would occasionally read in news articles and perhaps Panda’s Thumb. Then after reading one of my posts Read More ›

A Third Way

The recent reviews in your columns of books by Dennett, Dawkins, and Behe are testimony to the unflagging interest in controversies about evolution. Although such purists as Dennett and Dawkins repeatedly assert that the scientific issues surrounding evolution are basically solved by conventional neo-Darwinism, the ongoing public fascination reveals a deeper wisdom. There are far more unresolved questions than answers Read More ›

Intelligent Origin

The US Supreme Court may have declared the intermingling of church and state unconstitutional in 1988. But 17 years down, attitudes in that country — as indeed in many others — have changed significantly. Even hardcore science teachers are discovering that an increasing number of students are wanting a link to divine origin by giving "creation teaching" at least equal airtime along with evolution. In any case what's so wrong in expecting schools to make the teaching of evolution more rigorous by bringing up its drawbacks and examining areas of controversy it shares with the people who are promoting an alternative theory called intelligent design, or ID? Read More ›