The Quantum Enigma

Quantum physics is not usually accessible to the lay reader. In this case, Discovery Institute Fellow and physicist Wolfgang Smith provides a treatise that can be read not only by scientists but also by readers unacquainted with the technical literature on quantum reality. One would not accept such an accessible book from an author who graduated from Cornell University at Read More ›

Evolution Battle Grows in Schools

Original Article Jeff Conner knew he had to talk to school administrators when he learned his daughter was shown a video in science class that said evolutionary researchers were not scientists, and when she was assigned an essay about her beliefs on evolution and creation. At his daughter’s middle school in Gull Lake, near Kalamazoo, two seventh-grade science instructors were Read More ›

Truth Sheets

Truth Sheets about Discovery Institute File: 5 Reasons to Teach the Controversy.pdf – 116kDescription: Should we Teach Scientific Criticisms of Neo-Darwinism? Many Authorities say Yes! File: 6 myths.pdf – 60kDescription: Six Myths About Evolution Debate File: ACLU Ignore Textbooks Promoting Philosophical Materialism.pdf – 128kDescription: ACLU’s Selective and One-Sided Advocacy: Ignoring Bio Textbooks that Promote Philosophical Materialism File: ACLU Ignore Textbooks that Disparage ID.pdf – 96kDescription: ACLU’s Selective and Read More ›

Letters Favoring Intelligent Design

Letters in the May 18, Orange County Register overwhelmingly supportive of intelligent design. Stereotypes don’t engage “the essential questions” Tom Teepen’s column, “The sham that is ‘Intelligent Design’” [May 10], provides little enlightenment of Intelligent Design, displaying instead little understanding of the scientific or philosophical bases. His invectives (sham, brouhaha, gimmick, pseudoscience) do little to even support Darwin’s conjectures. His Read More ›

Ames Tribune Letter

File: Patterson7-6-05.pdf – 428kDescription: Ames Tribune Letter

Photos From the National Premiere of The Privileged Planet

The Privileged Planet National Premiere at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History June 23, 2005 CSC Fellows Guillermo Gonzalez (left) and David Berlinski (right) greet guests as they arrive for the premiere. Discovery Institute President Bruce Chapman (left) speaking with guests before the film begins. Jay Richards (left) and Guillermo Gonzalez answered questions following the film. Following the Read More ›

Stifling Intellectual Inquiry

Original Article “In fact, the breadth and extent of the anti-evolutionary movement that has spread almost unnoticed across the country should force American politicians to think twice about how their public expressions of religious belief are beginning to affect education and science. The deeply religious nature of the United States should not be allowed to stand in the way of Read More ›