Better Dead Than Fed, PETA Says

Original article DON’T BE FOOLED by the slick propaganda of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The organization may claim to champion the welfare of animals, as the many photos of cute puppies and kittens on its Web site suggest. But last week, two PETA employees were charged with 31 felony counts of animal cruelty each, after authorities Read More ›

Eminent Historian Paul Johnson on Darwinian Fundamentalists

Of all the fundamentalist groups at large in the world today, the Darwinians seem to me the most objectionable. They are just as strident and closed to argument as Christian or Muslim fundamentalists, but unlike those two groups the Darwinians enjoy intellectual respectability. Darwinians and their allies dominate the scientific establishments of the West. They rule the campus. Their militant Read More ›

Libel Claim Over Evolution Article Settled by California Academy of Science

For Immediate Release June 20, 2005 CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES SETTLES LIBEL CLAIM OVER EVOLUTION ARTICLE ROSEVILLE, CA — The California Academy of Sciences has settled with a California parent, Larry Caldwell, who raised a potential libel claim against the organization over its publication of a false and defamatory article authored by Eugenie C. Scott, Executive Director of the National Read More ›


Review of The Privileged Planet

We all had the Copernican Principle drummed into us at university. This paradigm insists that there is absolutely nothing special about the Earth. Its composition, physical characteristics, biotic activity, position, the star it is orbiting, its place in the Galaxy, the Galaxy itself, and the Galaxy’s position in the Universe are all supposedly unexceptional. Gonzalez and Richards disagree. Their thesis is that Earth is very, very special. To them, Earth is exquisitely fitted not only to harbour life but also to provide that life with a grandstand view of the surrounding Universe. Earth’s orbit, atmosphere, mass, rate of continental drift, dynamo-produced magnetic field, and companion Moon have been fine tuned just for us. Read More ›

Lehrer transcript of Michael Behe and Lawrence Krauss

DEBATE OVER INTELLIGENT DESIGN President Bush said this week that schools should teach both evolution science and intelligent design in schools. Two professors review the debate over teaching evolution or intelligent design in public schools. TEACHER: The jaw, if it were here, would be almost directly under. JEFFREY BROWN: What should American students be taught about the origins and development Read More ›

Rationale of the State Board for Adopting these Science Curriculum Standards

Kansas Science Education Standards Draft 2: June 9, 2005Available here from the Kansas Dept. of Education We believe it is in the best interest of educating Kansas students that all students have a good working knowledge of science: particularly what defines good science, how science move forward, what holds science back, and how to critically analyze the conclusions that scientists Read More ›

Doctors Doubt Darwinism

Original Article If you believe you are just a blob of cellular tissue, please raise your right protoplasm. Does your own doctor treat you like a human being, or just an accidental collection of chemicals, haphazardly arranged by dumb chance? A recent poll by the Louis Finkelstein Institute for Social and Religious Research suggests an answer. The poll finds that Read More ›

Open Debate on Intelligent Design

Original Article In the game of politics, the side that doesn’t show up forfeits the match. That’s why it’s hard to understand what science groups hoped to achieve by boycotting the recent Kansas State Board of Education hearings on how evolution is taught in public schools. Hearings were held in early May to consider competing recommendations from a committee of Read More ›

Assistant Professor Premiers Film at Institute

The work of an Iowa State University assistant professor has made its way into the Smithsonian Institute. A 60-minute documentary titled “The Privileged Planet: The Search for Purpose in the Universe” will premiere at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History on June 23. The film is based on a book co-authored by Guillermo Gonzalez, an ISU assistant professor of Read More ›

Efforts To Disarm Hezbollah Must Be Allowed To Go Forward

Original article On Sept. 2, 2004, the U.N. Security Council passed a little-noticed resolution sponsored by the United States and France calling for all remaining foreign forces to withdraw from Lebanon, disarmament and disbanding of Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias, and for free, fair presidential elections. In the following 10 months, to nearly everyone’s surprise, two of the three major directives Read More ›