Darwin-only Challenger Claims Libel

Original Article A parent suing a school district over its teaching of evolution says he was libeled by the education establishment’s chief spokeswoman on Darwin, Eugenie Scott, in an attempt to discredit his efforts. As WorldNetDaily reported, Larry Caldwell filed a civil-rights lawsuit in federal court against the Roseville Joint Union High School District and school officials in Sacramento, Calif., Read More ›

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Intelligent Design, Unintelligent Me

I was one of those blissfully nerdy kids who fell in love with dinosaurs in the fourth grade and never outgrew it. In adulthood, people like me go to natural history museums, see Steven Spielberg movies and read the essays of the late paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould. That is usually enough to keep us happy. But a couple of weeks Read More ›

Lawsuit Lollapalooza

Original article EDWARDSVILLE, ILLINOIS–The Madison County Courthouse is an imposing structure: a full block long, four stories high, a marble edifice built in 1921 as a symbol of the era when Madison was the most industrialized county in Illinois. Today the county seat, Edwardsville, is home to only 21,000 people, and the surrounding county has been through a wrenching de-industrialization. Read More ›

Rescue Science from Evolutionists

Original Article Those who think the “Intelligent Design” advocates are a bunch of religious whackos show that they have simply not looked into the issues being raised before the Kansas Board of Education. Regarding evolution, there is much that classical evolutionary theory answers well, and much that it does not answer well. Evolutionary theory proposes that there are two fundamental Read More ›

Curiosity Won’t Kill Science Classes

Original Article Volume 19 | Issue 6 | 6 | Mar. 28, 2005 Editorial | I’m concerned about the state of science teaching. Over the past few months, three quite separate accounts have made me nervous. The first was an opinion published last month in The Harvard Crimson, the university daily, in which student Irene Y. Sun detailed her wretched Read More ›

Pacific Justice Institute Joins Battle for Quality Science Education

Original Article Roseville, CA – Pacific Justice Institute has joined a federal lawsuit filed by a local parent who has endured intense opposition and unlawful tactics from school officials after he proposed a more objective policy for teaching evolution in the classroom. In an effort to restore balance and scientific soundness to science education, Larry Caldwell acted on his right Read More ›