Intelligent Origin

Search for life beyond Darwin's theory Published at The Times of India

The US Supreme Court may have declared the intermingling of church and state unconstitutional in 1988. But 17 years down, attitudes in that country — as indeed in many others — have changed significantly. Even hardcore science teachers are discovering that an increasing number of students are wanting a link to divine origin by giving "creation teaching" at least equal airtime along with evolution. In any case what's so wrong in expecting schools to make the teaching of evolution more rigorous by bringing up its drawbacks and examining areas of controversy it shares with the people who are promoting an alternative theory called intelligent design, or ID? These are people who say there's simply too much pattern in everything, from the microcosm of subatomic particles to the macrosphere of galactic superclusters, to insist that only blind chance could have played a part in all their structural make-up. If anything,if Darwin's theory is taught along with ID it might even plug the several loopholes that still exist in it.

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