Will Supreme Court decision mean profound changes in election conduct?

The United States Supreme Court issued a decision that may result in profound changes in the conduct of future elections. During the political campaigns of 2008, a nonprofit organization named Citizens United produced a 90-minute movie titled “Hillary: The Movie,” which is very critical of Hillary Clinton. Citizens United wanted to run the movie during the campaign, but the Federal Read More ›

Jewish Brain Power Fuels Israeli Technology

This article, published by CBN News, quotes Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder: In his new book, The Israel Test author George Gilder said Israel is hated because it is successful, free, and good. Jews throughout history have contributed to humanity disproportionately. For example, Jews make up a miniscule proportion of the world’s population but have produced more than 20 Read More ›

Simulations of the Alaskan Way Replacement Options

Cascadia Center for Regional Development has long supported a deep-bored tunnel option to replace the aging Alaskan Way Viaduct. The approach will open up the waterfront, improve views, and provide new public parks and open spaces, all while maintaining the necessary capacity for through-traffic and freight. The Washington State Department of Transportation has recently produced two simulations to demonstrate the impact the project could have thousands of people who live and work downtown or travel through the corridor. The following excerpt is drawn from the WSDOT web site and the videos are available below. "Trying to convey the changes that will result from a large transportation project is a challenge. For smaller projects – repaving a road, adding a roundabout – it’s easy for people to picture what the end result will be. For a project like the SR 99 bored tunnel that will replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct, it’s a little more complicated. Not only does the proposed replacement include an almost two-mile-long bored tunnel beneath downtown, we also plan to rebuild the surface street along the waterfront. People ask – What will the tunnel look like? How will I be able to access it? How will the new waterfront street be different than what exists today? Well, we now have some new tools to help provide answers. *** You can visit the Alaskan Way Viaduct program Web site at www.alaskanwayviaduct.org to learn more about these and other improvements that are part of the viaduct’s replacement. Read More ›

Daniel Dennett: A Biography

Daniel Clement Dennett (born March 28, 1942, in Boston, Massachusetts) is one of the leading academic writers and activists engaged in promoting scientific atheism. His field is the philosophy of mind, of science, and of biology in particularly. He holds the position of co-director of the Center for Cognitive Studies and the Austin B. Fletcher professorship of philosophy at Tufts Read More ›

Francis Collins: A Biography

Francis Sellers Collins (born April 14, 1950, in Staunton, Virginia) is a physician and geneticist known for leading the Human Genome Project to its completion. In the debate about faith and evolution, he achieved prominence as a self-identified Evangelical Christian who finds evidence in science for God’s existence but rejects intelligent-design theory and embraces Darwinism. He has designated his version Read More ›

Only Intervention Of Electric Car Can Break Oil Addiction

This article, published by the Tacoma News Tribune, mentions the Cascadia Center, Bruce Agnew, and Steve Marshall of Discovery Institute: PHEVs are a particular enthusiasm of the Cascadia Center, whose leaders, Bruce Agnew and Steve Marshall, believe that PHEVs are the best short-term answer to our dependence on for eign oil and the need to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. The rest Read More ›

A Danger of Being Obamatized

This article, published by Investor’s Business Daily, mentions Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder: More than a quarter-century ago, Discovery Institute fellow George Gilder knew that government benefits, in all their various forms, would fail to solve — and actually exacerbate — a deeper problem. The rest of the article can be found here.

Pope Benedict and Nature’s Genius

Part 1: The Limits of Scientism The public conversation about the evidence for design in nature has grown more heated of late even as it has grown more complicated. While newspaper reporters continue to serve up easily digestible sound bites, the controversy has developed into one far more variegated than any simple clash between evolution and creationism, let alone science Read More ›

Three Views on Creation and Evolution

Three Views on Creation and Evolution

For Christians, the issues raised by the different views on creation and evolution can be challenging. Can a “young earth” be reconciled with a universe that appears to be billions of years old? Does scientific evidence point to a God who designed the universe and life in all its complexity? Three Views on Creation and Evolution deals with these and Read More ›