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The Bottom Line Our Education Reform Policy Idea Named 1st in the Nation

2022 was a year like none other for the American Center for Transforming Education as we soared to new heights in our work to advance educational freedom and other education reforms.

Here are just a few highlights:

  • As our chairman, Don Nielsen, shared with you last month, Arizona made history in 2022 by passing universal school choice into law! Discovery Institute President Steve Buri and Director Keri Ingraham met with key leaders in Arizona on the cusp of the legislative passage of the bill into law. Then in the fall, Keri met with Governor Doug Ducey, and was one of the leading voices nationally in promoting, celebrating, and calling other state leaders to follow Arizona’s lead.
  • Days following the midterm elections, Keri met with Oklahoma’s reelected Governor Kevin Stitt and newly elected State Superintendent Ryan Walters aimed at bringing educational freedom to their families statewide.
  • Don spoke with Idaho’s newly elected State Superintendent Debbie Critchfield, gave input on Mississippi’s State Superintendent appointment, and spoke to 350 lawmakers and other business, community, and education leaders in Michigan at a policy forum event. Additionally, Don gave keynote speeches in Washington and California, and met with community leaders in Tennessee.
  • Keri authored two key chapters in the premier education reform policy book, Sketching a New Conservative Education Agenda, which was put into the hands of governors and numerous other policymakers nationwide.

Ideas matter. Words matter. And our transformational work matters.

While 2022 was a spectacular year of influence, much work still needs to be done.

We invite you to invest today.

The opportunities on the horizon are many. Please help us make 2023 an even more transformative year for our nation’s K-12 education for the sake of students, communities, and the future of our country!

Are you concerned about educating the next generation?
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