Public Education

The boy gets off the school bus and goes home. Generative AI
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‘Public’ Schools That Aren’t Public

Teachers unions and education bureaucrats hail public schools for being open to all children while condemning private schools for limiting access. But most “public” schools aren’t public at all. Read More ›
Schoolboy crying in the yard of the school
Schoolboy crying in the yard of the school

Our Public School System Is Set Up To Fail — and It’s Succeeding

The recent report by the National Assessment of Educational Progress, sometimes referred to as the nation’s report card, is a devastating assessment of the condition of our nation’s schools. In short, there has been virtually no educational progress with our nation’s children in more than 30 years – and urban districts are the worst performers.  Read More ›
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Bring School Choice to the Public System

Despite this tremendous progress in empowering a growing number of parents with the freedom to move their children outside of the public education system, expanding options within public education often remains extremely limited. Read More ›