New 2021 growth and development prospects.
New 2021 growth and development prospects.

The Bottom Line Empowering Parents & Students

Our Impact in 2021

There has never been a more critical time to bring about education reform in our nation. Pre-pandemic, more than 70 percent of students exited the K-12 public education system failing to achieve basic proficiencies across academic subjects. The school shutdowns and misplaced politicized agendas replacing academic instruction have exasperated the dire situation. The implications are detrimental to our students and our country.

This past year, the American Center for Transforming Education took bold steps to expose the unprecedented campaign underway to keep students locked in failing schools. We also effectively challenged the left’s attempt to win the hearts and minds of vulnerable children in classrooms across America with extreme ideologies. Fulfilling our mission is increasingly important especially as public schools fail to effectively educate our children, and classrooms are being transformed into radical indoctrination centers pushing gender redefinition and self-selection, rewriting history, and promoting Critical Race Theory.

Discovery Institute’s American Center for Transforming Education (ACTE) works with state legislators, policymakers, leaders, parents, and educators to promote meaningful and lasting change to our nation’s education system. We advocate for policies that empower parents and equip students with the skills, knowledge, and character necessary to thrive as citizens in their communities and contributors in our increasingly competitive economy.

Our two-prong approach sets us apart. We promote parental empowerment giving parents the opportunity to choose the schools that will best serve their students. However, recognizing that the majority of students currently attend traditional public schools, we are working to revitalize public schools through targeted legislative action at the state level. Furthermore, we believe it is of paramount importance to intervene and reverse these new radical policies, practices, and curriculums that go against our country’s best interest and that of our students.

Parental and community alarm over curriculum within our nation’s classrooms offer us a unique opportunity to accelerate the avenues for school choice and improve public schools. Our team has been on the frontlines of advocating for parental rights, defending American ideals, and fighting against radical indoctrination in our schools.

This was a year of growth for the American Center for Transforming Education as we significantly increased our network and expanded our influence.

Metrics of Success:

  • 48% increase to our subscriber list
  • 169% increase to our donor base
  • Obtained grants from multiple foundations
  • Completed an in-depth state-wide superintendent research project and analysis report
  • Met with numerous political, business, community, and education leaders in multiple states
  • Our education reform ideas featured on five media outlets with our ACTE Director interviewed
  • Seven innovative “K-12 Redesign” articles released and published by The American Spectator and Real Clear Education
  • ACTE “Educational Freedom” article series published by Real Clear Education
  • ACTE Director invited to contribute to the New Conservative Education Agenda, a publication collectively comprised of the nation’s leading education reformers
  • ACTE articles were highly read and spread rapidly on social media.
  • ACTE articles featured by:
    • The American Spectator
    • Real Clear Education
    • Puget Sound Business Journal
    • The Washington Times
    • The Federalist
    • National Review
    • Real Clear Politics
    • American Thinker
    • American Enterprise Institute
    • The Thomas Fordham Institute
    • The Virginia Star
    • Choice Media
    • The Stream
    • The Herald
    • The Washington State Ledger
    • The Liberty Daily
    • …and more than 30 other publications around the country!

With the work of our fellows gaining exposure and traction on a national level, solid groundwork has been laid for increased momentum and public policy success.

As a non-profit organization, our work is made possible only by the generosity of our supporters. We want to invite you to join us by investing in this timely work for the sake of our students and our nation.

Donate now to the American Center for Transforming Education and, as a thank you, we’ll send you a downloadable copy of our strategic plan for transforming our nation’s K-12 education system outlined by Chairman and Senior Fellow Don Nielsen. In order for your gift to count towards the 2021 tax year, your donation must transact by midnight (Pacific Time) in our system on December 31, 2021.

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