George Gilder

High Tech Will Rebuild Our Economy

The restructuring of our economy is as significant as the recession. Tech writer George Gilder (Microcosm, Telecosm and, most recently, The Israel Test) will describe the way new technology can rescue the US, and the world, from the present slump. Some think the high tech revolution is exhausted; Gilder says, “Not so fast!”

Israel Test 2

George Gilder lectures on his book, The Israel Test. He notes the intimate relationship America has with Israel and how very important this intimacy is for our economy. He suggests there are a number of ways we need to learn from the nation and start implementing their various beliefs and strategies. Read More ›


The Israel Test & Capitalism

In 2009, George Gilder explains the Israel Test and the golden rule of capitalism. The Israel Test regards one’s response to the achievement of others, while the golden rule of Capitalism is that the good fortune of others is also your own good fortune.

Israel & Innovation

George Gilder speaks of the per capita and overall success that Israel has had. These are the innovations that cultures depend on and by which prosperity relies on.

The Lesson of History

George Gilder discusses the Lesson of History. The Lesson of History: technology comes from relatively few people. The Jewish diaspora, Gilder claims, was the key source for these developments.

From Harvard to Haifa

Bruce Chapman has a conversation during the Gorton Lecture Series with George Gilder about his influential life .

The Israel Test

Prolific thinker, George Gilder, lectures on his most recent book The Israel Test.


Shermer and Bailey Debate Gilder and Meyer on Intelligent Design

A debate on the merits of intelligent design theory was held at FreedomFest 2008. George Gilder and Stephen Meyer, both from the Discovery Institute, argued for intelligent design, and Michael Shermer and Ronald Bailey argued against. Following their arguments, panel members responded to audience members questions.

The Elements of Innovation

George Gilder (Chairman, Gilder Publishing, LLC) talks of how, despite all the dismal reports and rumors you encounter about the state of the economy and the state of American technology, 2008 is the time of the Telecosm’s fulfillment.

The State of the Global Telecosm

This article, published by Technology Review, mentions Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder: Gilder hadn’t just hit on the coming thing in exquisitely timely fashion, it turned out; he learned so much about the actual technologies that the experts took him seriously. The rest of the article can be found here.