Connecting Washington Initiative Update

David Moseley, Asst. Sec. WSDOT Ferries Division, reveals the terrible financial mess that the state’s transportation is currently in. He notes the 1.3 billion dollar deficit that we will be in over the next ten years and how dealing with the issue at the legislative level may be the solution. Read More ›

Planners Start Survey Of Peoples’ Travel Habits

This article, published by the Bellingham Herald, quotes Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew: “Doing the travel survey is prerequisite to doing any plan to expand intercounty service,” said Bruce Agnew, director of the Seattle-based Cascadia Center for Regional Development and a member of the Farmhouse Gang. The rest of the article can be found here.

Light Rail And Roads Tax: Is It A Good Deal?

On his KUOW-FM weekday show “The Conversation,” host Ross Reynolds interviews three guests, among them Cascadia Center’s Bruce Agnew, on regional transportation issues. You can listen to the show here.

Washington State House and Senate Introduce Passenger Ferry Bills

Both the House and Senate have introduced Bills in support of passenger only ferry service. For more information on the Bills or to follow their progress visit the Washington State Legislature’s Bill Information Page at http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/. Copies of the Bills can be downloaded here: House Bill 3270 Senate Bill 6787

POF Task Force Report

Final Report of the Passenger Only Ferry Task Force convened by the Joint Transportation Committee of the Washington State Legislature in 2005 to review alternative proposals for providing passenger only ferry service in Puget Sound. Download Here

Water Taxis Still Float Mayor’s Boat

This article, published by The Tacoma News Tribune, quotes Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew:

The Cascadia Center, a Seattle-based nonprofit group, plans to hold a meeting soon with Gig Harbor, Tacoma and Des Moines leaders to discuss the water taxi idea. Cascadia is a policy group that studies, among other things, how to improve transportation on the Interstate 5 corridor.

A water taxi system is also scheduled for discussion during a meeting between Cascadia officials and area legislators March 29, said center director Bruce Agnew.

He said the group wants to commission an informal survey that gauges whether people even want the service. Wilbert posted a similar survey on Gig Harbor’s Web site in late 2003. It garnered almost 60 responses, mostly positive, she said.

Cascadia also hopes city leaders will unite and ask the Legislature to fund an in-depth, more scientific study on the need and potential effects of a South Puget Sound water taxi system.

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Key Players Divided On Foot-Ferry Financing

Original Article A top transportation leader bucks her fellow senators and argues against state funding for the Southworth ‘triangle route.’ By Niki King, Sun Staff March 30, 2005 With less than a month to go in this year’s legislative session, it’s still not clear whether lawmakers will fund a state-operated passenger-only ferry route between Southworth, Vashon Island and downtown Seattle. Read More ›

Looking Back to Go Forward

Original article [Note: This is an account of the ferry conference that Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Project organized and put on July 1. Unfortunately, the Cascadia Project is not mentioned here, but the group that it launched, the Puget Sound Passenger Ferry Coalition, is.] SEATTLE — With her eyes cast back in a memory and her voice tipped with nostalgia, Gig Read More ›