Connecting Washington Initiative Update

David Moseley, Asst. Sec. WSDOT Ferries Division, reveals the terrible financial mess that the state’s transportation is currently in. He notes the 1.3 billion dollar deficit that we will be in over the next ten years and how dealing with the issue at the legislative level may be the solution. Read More ›

Planners Start Survey Of Peoples’ Travel Habits

This article, published by the Bellingham Herald, quotes Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew: “Doing the travel survey is prerequisite to doing any plan to expand intercounty service,” said Bruce Agnew, director of the Seattle-based Cascadia Center for Regional Development and a member of the Farmhouse Gang. The rest of the article can be found here.

Light Rail And Roads Tax: Is It A Good Deal?

On his KUOW-FM weekday show “The Conversation,” host Ross Reynolds interviews three guests, among them Cascadia Center’s Bruce Agnew, on regional transportation issues. You can listen to the show here.

POF Task Force Report

Final Report of the Passenger Only Ferry Task Force convened by the Joint Transportation Committee of the Washington State Legislature in 2005 to review alternative proposals for providing passenger only ferry service in Puget Sound. Download Here