Networks for Nothing, Fraud for Free:

MCI's "WorldCom Whitewash Waltz" Download PDF

In this issue of Bandwidth, Senior Fellow John Wohlstetter addresses past and present fraud at MCI-Worldcom, arguing against their Chapter 11 re-organization and citing examples of current allegations of bill and tax evasions at the corporation.

John Wohlstetter

Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute
John C. Wohlstetter is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute (beg. 2001) and the Gold Institute for International Strategy (beg. 2021). His primary areas of expertise are national security and foreign policy, and the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He is author of Sleepwalking With The Bomb (2nd ed. 2014), and The Long War Ahead and The Short War Upon Us (2008). He was founder and editor of the issues blog Letter From The Capitol (2005-2015). His articles have been published by The American Spectator, National Review Online, Wall Street Journal, Human Events, Daily Caller, PJ Media, Washington Times and others. He is an amateur concert pianist, residing in Charleston, South Carolina.