The Israel Test & Capitalism

In 2009, George Gilder explains the Israel Test and the golden rule of capitalism. The Israel Test regards one’s response to the achievement of others, while the golden rule of Capitalism is that the good fortune of others is also your own good fortune.

Israel & Innovation

George Gilder speaks of the per capita and overall success that Israel has had. These are the innovations that cultures depend on and by which prosperity relies on.

The Lesson of History

George Gilder discusses the Lesson of History. The Lesson of History: technology comes from relatively few people. The Jewish diaspora, Gilder claims, was the key source for these developments.

Nuclear Arms: Sleepwalking Towards Armageddon

John Wohlstetter lectures on his upcoming book, Nuclear Arms: Sleepwalking Towards Armageddon. His goal, he says, is to take the problems of proliferation and arms control out of the hands of the so called priesthood of nuclear theologians and make the conversation palpable for the common people in order to generate discussion.

From Harvard to Haifa

Bruce Chapman has a conversation during the Gorton Lecture Series with George Gilder about his influential life .

The Israel Test

Prolific thinker, George Gilder, lectures on his most recent book The Israel Test.