New Website: FaithandEvolution.org

In recent years, debates over faith and evolution have continued to intensify. On the one hand, “new atheists” like Richard Dawkins have insisted that Darwinian evolution makes it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist. On the other hand, “new theistic evolutionists” like Francis Collins have assured people that Darwin’s theory is perfectly compatible with faith and need have no damaging cultural consequences.

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CSC Promo 2009

The Mission of the Center for Science and Culture: To advance the idea that life and the universe is a product of intelligent design and to challenge the Darwinian view that the world was built from a blind a purposeless process. Our perennial initiatives are on Research & Scholarship, Education & Communication, and Academic Freedom.

10 Big Lies About America – Q&A

Michael Medved takes questions after his lecture at the McNaughton Fellows Lecture Series on his book 10 Big Lies About America.

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10 Big Lies About America

McNaughton Fellows Lecture by Michael Medved regarding his new book 10 Big Lies About America. He speaks about two things regarding his book: (1) Why he wrote the book. (2) What has surprised him since the book came out.

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