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The Bottom Line The Destructive Worldview Stealing America’s Children

Most parents have no option but to send their children to a school at odds with their values.

Trapped — that is the reality for the vast majority of children in our country. They are trapped in an assigned district public school that promotes a destructive worldview aimed at capturing their young hearts and minds. The ideological indoctrination is growing increasingly regular and extreme.

Sometimes starting as early as kindergarten, classroom activities expose children as young as five years old to graphic sexualized content. And this is no longer a rare outlier or only confined to large urban district public schools — it is infiltrating schools across the country.

Millions of parents are left with only the option of sending their children off to a school each day where they are inculcated in a belief system hostile to their values. But there’s hope.

Students are encouraged to consider and even asked to select their gender identity, gender expression, gender physically attracted to, gender emotionally attracted to, and even sex assigned at birth. Classroom activities using “The Gender Unicorn” and “The Gender Elephant” outline response options of male/masculine, female/feminine, and other/other gender(s) on a continuum spectrum.

And their strategy is not just to offer an alternative way of thinking. The promotion of this gender identity ideology includes forced affirmation by all students. As just one example, a parent recently shared with me that her son was suspended from school for multiple days for not calling a fellow male classmate by his newly announced female name and pronouns — this despite the boys having known each other for years. The school’s policy — now commonplace throughout the country — elevates students who demand others placate their claims over biological reality or the conscience of peers.

The indoctrination extends to racial identity politics as well. White students, which sometimes includes Asian students, are taught by teachers and other school personnel that they are inherently racist and must denounce their “whiteness.” Black and brown students are taught they are victims of oppression. Meanwhile, actual offensive words and even violent actions by students are overlooked, as they are no longer deemed personally responsible.

These worldviews, along with a false account of historical facts, aggressive promotion of climate change hysteria, and other far-left political agendas, are what today’s government-run district public schools teach children as truth.

In reality, most parents have no other educational option for their children, as private school tuition prices are out of reach for many, and homeschooling is often not feasible for a variety of reasons. As a result, millions of parents are left with only the option of sending their children off to a school each day where they are inculcated in a belief system hostile to their values, and many times at odds with their religious faith.

But there’s hope. The American Center for Transforming Education is actively advancing education freedom so parents can select a learning environment that both supports their values and equips their students with strong academics.

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Due to the generosity of our financial partners, we are having tremendous success in informing policymakers and advocating for education freedom. Over the past two years, 11 states have enacted laws granting all families the funding necessary to escape their assigned district public school. But we aren’t stopping now. Parents — not the government — must hold the ultimate say in their children’s education. Each child’s future and the future of our country depend on it.

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