Happy New Year 2023
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The Bottom Line Unprecedented Educational Freedom Was Achieved in 2023

More was achieved this year to advance educational freedom across the country than almost anyone imagined possible this decade.

Legislative sessions saw upwards of 124 school choice bills. Most noteworthy, eight more states joined Arizona and West Virginia with universal school choice, bringing the total to ten: Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, and West Virginia!

Discovery Institute’s American Center for Transforming Education has been on the front lines and is looked to as a national thought leader on K-12 education policy.

Why Does this Work Matter?

We are turning the tide against the K-12 public education monopoly, which is failing to educate students and is instead promoting to children radical gender ideology, Critical Race Theory, and an anti-American worldview — ideas that are not only at odds with the views of parents but are often concealed from them.

Just two years ago, statewide school choice wasn’t a reality. Today, ten states give every family the freedom to choose an education avenue that provides quality learning and aligns with their values. We are committed to adding more states in 2024, and your contribution will help make that a reality.

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