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Washington State Capitol Olympics Seattle Washington USA
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The Bottom Line Washington’s Students are Losing in this Power Struggle

Originally published at Puget Sound Business Journal

Governor Inslee and Superintendent Reykdal, responsible for K-12 public education throughout Washington State, are personally experiencing the business side of the monster they’ve until now tried to appease — the Washington Education Association (WEA).

The largest representative of public school educators, the WEA is notoriously in lockstep with the Democratic Party, each fueling the other’s agenda.

The symbiotic relationship between Democratic leaders and the state’s biggest teacher union is what has made the current clash so striking. Disagreement regards reopening K-12 schools. At stake is control of state schools — and over the past several months teacher unions have called the shots in our government-funded and run K-12 public education system.

Washington ranks 45th for providing in-person instruction nationwide.

Keri D. Ingraham

In late January, in perhaps the first instance on record of his disagreeing publicly with a teacher union position, Inslee stated, “The fear of this is understandable, but it is not backed up by our experience….Our experience has showed we can operate a school safely.”

Private schools nationwide largely resumed full in-person instruction last fall. Over six months of data confirm schools can reopen — all grades, five-days-a-week — while avoiding spreading the virus.

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