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The Bottom Line A Quest for a More Purposeful Education

The Center welcomes a new program coordinator, Bailey Takacs

The American Center for Transforming Education (ACTE) is pleased to introduce our newest staff member. Bailey Takacs has multiple years of experience in increasingly responsible roles at the local, state, and federal levels of government. In his most recent position, Bailey managed a campaign for State Representative Paul Graves. His experience is escalated by his Bachelor’s degree, earned from Pacific Lutheran University, with a major in Politics and Government and a minor in Philosophy.

Having been a product of public education in Washington State, Bailey has had firsthand experiences with the challenges facing the existing public school system. His experience aligns with that of Don Nielsen, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, who states in his book Every School, “The system is the problem, and unless and until we change it, we will be disappointed by our inability to improve the level of student achievement”.

Now Bailey is realizing his ambition at Discovery Institute to improve education for all students. ACTE contends that the structure of public education is the issue. Currently the system does not provide preparation for life as education is meant to do so. It’s about knowing how to prepare each and every child to contribute in his or her own way, to the betterment of society. ACTE works at the state level to improve the quality of teaching, leadership, and governance of our public schools with students as the ultimate beneficiaries.          

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