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Consider the case of Michael Savage, right-wing radio guy, and the not trivial effect he could have on the upcoming election. What’s curious about him is the tantalizing possibility — now with a smoking gun — that his three-hour daily show is an act, a put-on. According to Talkers magazine, he’s the country’s third-most-listened-to radio talk host, with 8.25 million listeners who Read More ›

American Jewish Congress Dinner

Discovery Institute is pleased to co-sponsor the American Jewish Congress' 2006 Community Leadership Award, honoring Slade Gorton, a former U.S. senator and former Washington state attorney general. Sen. Gorton is also a member of Discovery's board of directors. Read More ›

All American History Pivots On Events Of Our Civil War

We Americans celebrate several important anniversaries and commemorate a number of others, most recently the 60th anniversary of V-E Day. But a significant date went by last month with very little notice, in the press or otherwise. April 9 marked 140 years since Robert E. Lee, commanding general of the Army of Northern Virginia, surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant, commander Read More ›

Bush and Blair Will Be Redeemed

Critics of George Bush’s Iraq policy have bemused themselves with anti-war demonstrations and public opinion overseas, plus the pronouncements of France, Germany and Russia. They conclude that America has suffered diplomatic rejection by “the whole world.” The war is about to recruit new waves of terrorists, they say, and at last precipitate the downfall of the American “empire.” But while Read More ›

Signing of H.R. 1553, the Caroline Pryce Walker Conquer Childhood Cancer Act of 2008. Oval.
From George W. Bush White House archives

Group’s Phony Charge: Bush Is Anti-Family

It is all well and good, as does in its Feb. 19 blast at President Bush, to go after a political opponent. That would be fair, if it were based on fact. But the regulations being changed impact no families, adoptive or otherwise, because not a single state chose to implement them. To criticize President Bush for an action Read More ›

US soldiers giving salute
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A Bad Idea Whose Time Is Past

Bruce Chapman, former director of the U.S. Census Bureau, deputy assistant to President Ronald Reagan, and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Organizations in Vienna, Austria, has been president of Discovery Institute since 1990. In 1967 he made an early case for an all-volunteer military in The Wrong Man in Uniform (Trident Press of Simon & Schuster). If each woman Read More ›

That Strange “Fathers’ Rights” Lobby and the Florida Law Invading Women’s Right to Privacy

There has been general agreement from those across the ideological and political spectrum that Florida’s new law requiring women to publish the details of their sexual resumes if they want to place a baby through private adoption should be changed. But now, in an Aug. 22 column in The Washington Times, Dianna Thompson and Glen Sacks claim that the law Read More ›

Adopting Bad Policy

Many in the adoption community are expressing serious concerns about the Bush administration serving up a warmed-over Clinton-era adoption-from-foster-care project, an act that inspired the Washington Post and Clinton’s Rasputin, Dick Morris, to say that President Bush was borrowing from the Clinton script. The concerns arose following the ballyhooed July 23 announcement that First Lady Laura Bush and actor Bruce Read More ›

Enforcing a Good Law: Stopping Sexual Slavery

This article, published by BreakPoint, discusses John R. Miller of Discovery Institute: Stories like these are sickeningly familiar—and they are what drove former Congressman John Miller from Washington state to take on the post at the State Department enforcing the Trafficking in Persons Protection Act. “I realized that slavery was still alive,” Miller told World Magazine. The rest of the Read More ›