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Ed Meese Hailed for Defending Freedom

This article, published by WorldNetDaily, is about Edwin Meese III of Discovery Institute: On July 9, 1985, Ed Meese dropped a constitutional bombshell on Washington, D.C. that shook the foundations of the federal judiciary all the way to the Supreme Court. The rest of the article can be found here.

Medved Pummels Political Correctness

In a speech at Discovery Institute, where he is a Senior Fellow, Michael Medved described the origin and startling trajectory of his latest book, “The Ten Big Lies About America.” Medved advised an enthusiastic crowd gathered at a book party that his book has been ignored by major reviewers, but (as happens these days), already has gone through nine printings since it first appeared Read More ›

Chapman Shares 2010 Census Concerns

Former Director of the U.S. Census Bureau Bruce Chapman, who now is president of Discovery Institute, has been interviewed repeatedly on the current controversies facing the conduct of the 2010 Decennial Census. Here is his interview on WTOP, Washington, D.C. Regarding the announcement today of President Obama’s choice of Dr. Robert Groves of Michigan to head the bureau. Audio begins with Bruce Chapman’s answer to the question Read More ›

The P-I: Saying goodbye to a liberal voice

The editorial ‘Too many posers’ in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer assails the majority Democrats in the Washington State Legislature for not following through on their promise to adopt green “cap and trade” legislation. It would have been much better for them to respond to the recession by committing political suicide, apparently. It was a perfectly pitched swan song for the unfailingly liberal voice of Seattle’s Read More ›

Controlling the Census: The Obama Administration’s Power Grab

This article, published by Human Events, quotes Bruce Chapman of Discovery Institute: “The real issue is who directs the Census, the pros or the pols,” says Bruce Chapman, who was director of the Census in the Reagan/Bush Era. “You would think an administration that’s thumping its chest about respecting science would show a little respect for scientists in the statistical Read More ›

Who’s Ready to Sue Over Census Power Grab?

This article, published by Michelle Malkin, quotes Bruce Chapman of Discovery Institute: Just in from Bruce Chapman, former Census Bureau director whose work on this topic exposed Obama’s designs: The announcement today by Sen. Judd Gregg that he is withdrawing his name as the president’s nominee to be Secretary of Commerce – and citing the Census issue as one reason Read More ›

Dems Downplay Obama’s Plan to Oversee 2010 Census

This article, published by Fox News, quotes Bruce Chapman of Discovery Institute: Bruce Chapman, president of the Discovery Institute and director of the U.S. Census Bureau in the 1980s, told FOX News that he disagrees with Obama’s plan to bring the census in-house, saying that census data could be “manipulated.” The rest of the article can be found here.

Why Obama Wants Control of the Census

This article, published by The Wall Street Journal, quotes Bruce Chapman of Discovery Institute: “If the original numbers aren’t as hard as possible, the uses they’re put to get fuzzier and fuzzier,” says Bruce Chapman, who was director of the Census in the 1980s. The rest of the article can be found here.