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No, Previous Presidents Never Tried this Stunt

This article, published by Commentary Magazine, quotes Bruce Chapman of Discovery Institute: Bruce Chapman, a former Census Director, calls foul on the White House claim that other census directors have reported to the political operatives in the White House … The rest of the article can be found here.

Let Statisticians, Not White House, Conduct the 2010 Census

For a while it seemed that the Obama Administration really didn’t mean last week’s suggestion that it would take conduct of the 2010 Census out of the Commerce Department and have the Census Bureau report directly to the West Wing. Perhaps, one was about to concede, the White House merely aims to create the kind of independent agency—with all the Read More ›

White House Grabs 2010 Census Power

This article, published by WorldNetDaily, quotes Bruce Chapman of Discovery: Bruce Chapman, director of the U.S. Census Bureau under President Reagan, explains the Republican objection and why the census is so important in his Discovery blog The rest of the article can be found here.

Christmas in the White House – Seven Decades Ago

“You should dream of a white Christmas, not pray for it!” joked Fr. Mike Ryan of St. James Cathedral in Seattle this week. The unusually insistent snows of recent days were frustrating for anyone trying to organize anything, including church services, but they also were lovely. They fed nostalgia, even for days before we were born. A couple of weeks Read More ›

Rogues and Prorogues in Canada

The Canadian media are filled with the exciting story of a possible, even likely, removal of the Conservative government after only six weeks’ tenure since October’s parliamentary election. Conservatives, with 46% of the seats in Parliament, still lack a majority and now the other parties—the Liberals (who have about a quarter of the seats, the New Democrats (NDP) and the Read More ›

Canada’s Strange and Marvelous Election – A Preview

If you are frazzled by the endless American election campaign, go to the Canadian press and television and look into the brief, spirited federal elections that began up North a little over a month ago and will end in eleven days. If for no other reason than that it is enjoyable to watch a campaign where one is intellectually, but Read More ›


A Democrat Looks at his Party … Part 2 – Q&A

One of the Northwest's most intriguing sages on national politics is Ted Van Dyk, longtime Democratic strategist and writer who over his career has been an aide to such prominent figures as Vice President Hubert Humphrey, Senator George McGovern and philanthropist/financier Michael Milken. Read More ›