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What the Mariners and America Have in Common

Those of us who love the sport insist that baseball’s status as our distinctive “national pastime” means that a visit to any major league game can help place America’s present predicament in proper perspective. That’s particularly true if your favorite team has been going through a lousy season that mirrors the nation’s own recent economic and political struggles. My hometown Seattle Read More ›

Amazing Timing for Book on Tea Parties

Tonight’s victories by Tea Party candidates in Delaware, New York and New Hampshire will be all over the news in the morning, and happily commenting on them will be Scott Rassmussen (of the Rassmussen Poll) and Doug Schoen. They are authors of Mad as Hell: How the Tea Party Movement is Fundamentally Remaking Our Two-Party System. Their book’s pub date is Read More ›

Go to the Sources

The Hebrew Republic: Jewish Sources and the Transformation of European Political Thought by Eric Nelson Harvard, 240 pp., $27.95 Created Equal: How the Bible Broke with Ancient Political Thought by Joshua A. Berman Oxford, 264 pp., $39.95 In the longstanding, periodically eruptive political fight over whether the United States is historically a “Christian nation,” the hotspot was recently the state Read More ›

Obama Names Tom Alberg to New National Council on Entrepreneurship

Tom Alberg, who helped found Discovery Institute in 1990 and was president of its Board for many years (and still serves as a Director), is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs around. He knows the importance of pro-growth economic policies and is keenly aware of the dangers of the present moment. So it is with delight that I note that Read More ›

Israel Must Be More Than an Emergency

An ardently pro-Israel Catholic friend regularly takes out his frustration on me. He demands to know why American Jews aren’t outraged at President Obama for his chilliness to the Jewish state, why, when it comes to the existential dangers facing Israel, most Jews don’t seem to “get it.” A partial explanation may lie, surprisingly, in what conservative journalist William Kristol Read More ›

Citizen Slade

This article, published by the Puget Sound Business Journal, is about and quotes Slade Gorton of Discovery Institute: “When you get old, that’s where you are. Pretty soon I’m not a politician any more. I’m a statesman, just by the passage of time,” said Gorton, who is 82 and is the recipient of this year’s prestigious First Citizen Award from Read More ›

Liberal Democrat Changes British Campaign

The first of three TV debates in the British national campaign brought Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg to the considered attention of many voters for the first time. He made a strong impression as the reasonable man in beteween two parties that, for various reasons, fail to inspire. By most accounts he “won” the debate. The last time the Liberal Party Read More ›

Our Fading National Pastime

The start of a new baseball season always comes with odes to the national pastime. But is it fair to say that baseball still deserves that description? Measured by popularity, participation or skill versus other nations, baseball is arguably an American national pastime whose time is past. Jacques Barzun, the French-born, American cultural historian, once wrote that “Whoever wants to Read More ›

Slade Gorton to be Honored as First Citizen

This article, published by Seattle PI, is about Slade Gorton of Discovery Institute: Former U.S. Sen. Slade Gorton, who lost his seat in 2000 thanks to King County voters, is to be honored by the Seattle-King County Association of Realtors with their 72nd annual “First Citizen” award. The rest of the article can be found here.

Will Supreme Court decision mean profound changes in election conduct?

The United States Supreme Court issued a decision that may result in profound changes in the conduct of future elections. During the political campaigns of 2008, a nonprofit organization named Citizens United produced a 90-minute movie titled “Hillary: The Movie,” which is very critical of Hillary Clinton. Citizens United wanted to run the movie during the campaign, but the Federal Read More ›