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Action Needed: Darwinist Censors Mount Effort to Repeal Ohio’s “Critical Analysis of Evolution” Model Lesson Plan

In 2004 the Ohio State Board of Education led the nation by adopting a landmark model lesson plan on the “Critical Analysis of Evolution.” However, those who favor a Darwin-only approach to teaching evolution are now trying to strong-arm the Board into repealing this lesson plan. In January, the Board voted 9-8 to preserve the lesson plan, but the razor-thin margin of the vote guarantees that Darwinists will try to get the Board to repeal the lesson once again at the Feb. 14 meeting.

Contrary to Darwinist misinformation, Ohio’s “Critical Analysis of Evolution” lesson plan:

  • is based on mainstream scientific criticisms of Darwin’s theory.
  • was drafted by a committee of science educators from Ohio, including biologists.
  • does not include religion, creationism, or intelligent design.
  • is completely voluntary.
  • is only one of four lesson plans on evolution.
  • adopts an approach overwhelmingly favored by citizens of Ohio.
  • promotes critical thinking skills rather presenting evolution as dogma.

Because of the pressure being placed on the Ohio State Board of Education, it is imperative that Ohio citizens voice their support for the model lesson plan and balanced evolution education. This can be done by calling Board members to voice support or attending upcoming board meetings to speak on behalf of the policy. Here is how you can help:

Contact the Ohio State Board of Education. Call Board Relations at (614) 466-4838 or visit for information on how to contact Board members. Messages should be respectful and focus on the benefits of teaching evolution critically rather than dogmatically. They should support the “Critical Analysis of Evolution” model lesson and oppose repeal.

Background Information

Click Here to download the Zogby Poll on Views of Teaching Evolution (2006)

Model lesson plan, “Critical Analysis of Evolution” (PDF format)

Click here to read letters to the Ohio State Board of Education by prominent scientists.

Discovery Institute Chides Ohio Activists for Trying to Dumb Down Evolution Education and Censor Science

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Press Releases

February 9, 2006
National Academy of Sciences Member Tells Ohio To Continue Teaching Strengths and Weaknesses of Evolution

February 8, 2006
Eminent Scientist Urges Ohio to Keep Critical Analysis of Evolution Lesson Plan

January 20, 2006
Downgrading of Ohio Science Standards Just a Rumor, Optional Lesson Plan Critical of Evolution Not An Issue

January 10, 2006
Ohio Activists Chided for Trying to Dumb Down Evolution Education and Censor Science

December 22, 2005
Dover Decision on Intelligent Design “Legally Irrelevant for Ohio’s Critical Analysis of Evolution Model Science Curriculum”

July 11, 2005
Professors Defend Ohio Grad Student Under Attack by Darwinists

July 1, 2004
Ohio’s Model Lesson Plan on “Critical Analysis of Evolution”

March 8, 2004 Group of Ohio Scientists Endorses Lesson Plan to Critically Analyze Evolution

March 1, 2004 Unable to Win Science Debate, Ohio Darwinists Turn to Legal Threats

February 26, 2004 Ohio Darwin Groups Enlist Help of Controversial Legal Expert

February 24, 2004 Ohio Academy of Sciences Criticized for Scare Tactics on Evolution

February 24, 2004 Law Professor Says Ohio Academy of Sciences Gave Gov. Taft Bad Legal Advice

February 11, 2004 Efforts to Sabotage Ohio’s Science Lessons Deplorable, claims Discovery Institute

December 10, 2002 Ohio Praised for Historic Decision Requiring Students to Critically Analyze Evolutionary Theory

May 10, 2002 Poll of Ohio Backs Teaching the Controversy Over Darwin

Articles & Links

March 7, 2004
Don’t let dogma censor teaching, by Benjamin Wiker, Cincinnati Enquirer

March 4, 2004
“Again, Teach the Best Science”, staff editorial, Cincinnati Enquirer

February 14, 2004
Survival of the Snit, staff editorial, The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio)

February 8, 2004
Ohio wading into debate on biology, by Peter Bronson, Cincinnati Enquirer

December 17, 2002
Darwin in the Classroom: Ohio Allows Alternative, by Senior Fellow John G. West, National Review Online

November 11, 2002
Intelligent Design vs. Darwinism: Theories in Collision, by Senior Fellow Stephen C. Meyer, Columbus Dispatch

September 3, 2002
Teach All the Evidence, staff editorial, Cincinnati Enquirer

June 11, 2002
Missing Link, staff editorial, by the Plain Dealer

March 30, 2002
Teach the Controversy, by Senior Fellow Stephen C. Meyer, Cincinnati Enquirer