Efforts to Sabotage Ohio’s Science Lessons Deplorable, claims Discovery Institute

SEATTLE, FEB. 11, 2004 — The tentative decision of the Ohio State Board of Education this week to approve a model lesson plan on the critical analysis of evolution was applauded today by the Discovery Institute, whose Center for Science and Culture examines scientific challenges to Darwinian evolution. At the same time the Institute said efforts by Darwin-only lobbyists to misrepresent the issue by identifying it with intelligent design were deplorable.

“Intelligent design isn’t even covered in this lesson,” said Bruce Chapman, President of Discovery Institute. “The curriculum only examines the evidence for evolution and the scientific challenges to Darwin’s theory that are under debate by scientists around the world.”

The scientific theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause. Ohio’s science standards are clear that they do not mandate the teaching of intelligent design. But Benchmark H of the science standards do require all students to be able to “Describe how scientists continue to investigate and critically analyze aspects of evolutionary theory.” The proposed lesson covering critical analysis of evolution implements this benchmark. The lesson has students examine the evidence supporting Darwinian evolution as well as some questions that have been raised by scientists about that evidence.

“Members of the board of education are to be congratulated for making sure that Ohio students learn as much as possible about evolution, including scientific criticisms of the theory,” added Chapman. “This is a win-win approach that will benefit everyone–students, teachers, parents, and scientists.”

The Ohio Board of Education is expected to vote again in March to confirm the model lesson plan on the critical analysis of evolution.

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