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Darwin, Africa, and Genocide: The Horror of Scientific Racism

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In the early 1900s, Social Darwinism helped fuel the first genocide of the twentieth century when Germany tried to eradicate the Herero people in southern Africa. Learn about this horrific chapter in modern history and the abuse of Darwin’s theory to justify colonialism and extermination.This short video is excerpted from the award-winning documentary, “The Biology of the Second Reich.” It starts by exploring the rise of Darwinism in Germany and then shows how this ideology impacted German colonialism in southwest Africa, leading to genocide.

Be sure to check out an interview with historian Richard Weikart on Great Minds with Michael Medved, about his book From Darwin to Hitler: https://youtu.be/wkv3B0LF-Sw

Have you seen Human Zoos, the award winning film that explores America’s forgotten history of scientific racism? https://youtu.be/nY6Zrol5QEk