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The Theory of Intelligent Design from the Point of View of a Philosopher of Science

An Interview with Stephen Meyer Fundacja En Arche at YouTube

Interview with biochemist Stephen C. Meyer, a philosopher from the Discovery Institute in the USA

00:29 | What is intelligent design theory?
01:33 | Is intelligent design theory empirically testable?
02:38 | Does intelligent design theory lead to scientific predictions?
04:36 | Can intelligent design theory be the basis for new research?
06:58 | Is ID theory religiously motivated?
08:10 | Your book, “Signature in the cell,” is subtitled “DNA and testimony to intelligent design theory.” What is her argument based on?
10:59 | What is the Cambrian explosion and what is the challenge for neo-Darwinism?
12:17 | Has a multitude of intermediate forms been found explaining the origin of the species?
13:55 | So how can you scientifically explain this lack of intermediate forms? (c) Fundacja En Arche