Intelligent Design Theory from the Point of View of a Biochemist

An Interview with biochemist Michael Denton (Biochemistry Department at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand) Fundacja En Arche at YouTube

Biochemist Michael Denton invites you to join in the great debate over evolution and design in nature! Watch this new interview with Denton from Poland’s En Arche Foundation in support of a new set of translations of major intelligent design books.

  • 00:44 | What is your research area?
  • 02:29 | What made you doubt the common neo-Darwinian explanation?
  • 04:20 | What does the history of the publication of your first book Evolution: A Theory in Crisis look like?
  • 06:00 | What is the main thought contained in the book Evolution: A Theory in Crisis?
  • 06:47 | What is your book about, published 20 years later, Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis?
  • 09:49 | Do you have to be a believer to support the theory of intelligent design?
  • 11:42 | Is intelligent design theory based on scientific evidence?
  • 13:04 | What are you working on right now?