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Charge Up Your Fleet

In this decade of the battery, we stand on the cusp of the largest expansion of electric vehicle (EV) model availability in the history of the automobile. From cars to pickups to Class 8 trucks, EVs are proving that they are up to the task with rapid charging, high-voltage architectures, and lighter and safer battery packs for longer range. Price parity with ICE vehicles makes capital expenditure numbers more attractive than ever in conjunction with operational expenses that seem impossibly low. Our Network convened a panel of experts in our long-running Seminar Series to address the economics of EV conversions, fleet charging, sustainable energy production and storage, and the advantages of today’s modern charging systems and networks. Join the ACES revolution with DKS and Associates, ChargePoint, and Northwest EV charging expert Andrea Tousignant so you can be ready to Charge Up Your Fleet!