Going Vertical: Air Mobility in the PNW with ACES Northwest Network

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In the Puget Sound region, transportation is truly multi-modal. Roads and highways connect communities to ferries and floatplanes at docks and airports. Travelers walk, roll, and ride in trips with numerous links … and numerous potentials for missed connections. Critical roadway links are at-risk from seismic events and even the harsh realities of aging infrastructure. What happens when the Cascadia Subduction Zone event occurs? How will essential workers and critical supplies reach hospitals, clinics, and neighborhoods? What mobility services will directly connect islands to medical centers and hilltops to valleys across water, land, and the communities that need better mobility?

Advanced/Urban Air Mobility systems are already transporting freight and people using safe, quiet, and reliable all-electric multi-rotor aircraft. The Pacific Northwest’s largest cities provide for use cases that could dramatically improve disaster response and access to medical care while providing mobility options that advance equity and sustainability. Contribute your ideas and share your experiences in this multi-day ACES Northwest Network Seminar Series event! Our collaboration with Cascade AUVSI will feature Keynote addresses from Network affiliates Teague and VillageReach. This event is sponsored by Hyundai.