Cascading Problems: The Case of Oxygen

We know what happens if we don’t get oxygen. In about two minutes, you’re in deep, deep trouble. But how do I get oxygen to thirty trillion cells in my body? Engineer Steve Laufmann discusses the cascading problems of oxygen. Laufmann is co-author of the book Your Designed Body: https://YourDesignedBody.com. Every day, your body must solve hundreds of hard engineering Read More ›

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The Miracle of Man: Fine Tuning for Blood and Breath

In Part 3 of The Miracle of Man interview with author Michael Denton, the Australian biologist and MD explores with host Eric Anderson some of the bioengineering marvels of the human lung and, more fundamentally, some of the many things about chemistry, the sun, and planet Earth that had to be just so to allow our respiratory and circulatory systems to work—not merely as well as they do but at all. Read More ›