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Telework Cuts Congestion, Boosts Productivity

The Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council has begun a telework pilot project. Background in this Kitsap Sun article. Different versions of the KOMO-AM 1000 story ran the afternoon of Monday, September 15 and the morning of Tuesday, September 16 with soundbites from Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew: Version 1: .WAV file Version 2: .WAV file

Planners Start Survey Of Peoples’ Travel Habits

This article, published by the Bellingham Herald, quotes Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew: “Doing the travel survey is prerequisite to doing any plan to expand intercounty service,” said Bruce Agnew, director of the Seattle-based Cascadia Center for Regional Development and a member of the Farmhouse Gang. The rest of the article can be found here.

Time For A Bus-fare Reality Check

With gas prices still on the north side of four dollars per gallon, more people than ever are riding King County Metro buses in Seattle and some parts of its suburbs. Ridership was up 7 percent last year, and as the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Dierdre Gregg reports, continued growth is straining the system. One effect: more riders get bypassed Read More ›

Mt. Vernon Bus Proposal Begs Community Insight

Original Article A plan to start a commuter bus line linking Bellingham to Mount Vernon is an idea with promise but also one that raises some serious long-term questions for our community. MOUNT VERNON BUS SERVICE IS TOPIC Whatcom Transportation Authority board members will consider bus service to Mount Vernon during their Wednesday meeting, which starts at 8 a.m. in Read More ›