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At Forbes, A Review of Gilder’s Case for Stable Money

At, Nathan Lewis reviews George Gilder’s argument for stable money in his latest book, The Scandal of Money: Why Wall Street Recovers but the Economy Never Does. Writes Lewis: “Money, Gilder argues, is not only a medium of exchange, it is a medium for the transmission of economic information. The information inherent in prices, or profit and loss, guides all activity in the market economy. When this information becomes corrupted – when there is so much noise in the transmission medium that the signal becomes lost – then gross errors take place.” Continue reading at

Currency Trading and Our Broken Economy

An article at — which accompanies an interview between George Gilder with Breitbart News Daily — examines the role that currency trading has played in the downward spiral of the U.S. economy, and the popular trend toward socialist solutions: “Gilder agreed that the average American understands that the system is broken and credited that understanding with the rise of the current populist revolt, most likely including the rise of Donald Trump as a Republican presidential contender. He cited currency trading as a key problem underlying the issue. In a few days the Bureau of International Settlements is going to estimate the total amount of currency trading. The last time they did it three years ago and currency trading came Read More ›

More Than a Think Tank: Discovery Institute Celebrates 25 Years

A note from Discovery Institute President Steven J. Buri

I remember a Seattle Weekly article circa 2000—around the time that I was hired as Executive Director—that described Discovery Institute as a think tank where people “sit around a big table and think really hard.” Needless to say, the article was neither friendly, nor indicative of the role that think tanks really play in policy development. It missed a bigger point, too. Discovery Institute is more than a think tank. Read More ›

Help Us Celebrate Discovery Institute’s 25th Anniversary!

Members and Friends of Discovery Institute: Twenty-five years ago, Bruce Chapman and George Gilder founded Discovery Institute with big ideas and a modest budget. Today, Discovery is nationally and internationally recognized as the home to the intelligent design movement; as a stalwart believer in the ingenuity, creativity and dignity of human beings; and as innovators in education, technology and economic policy. Whether you are a longtime fan of our work or new to the Discovery Institute family, I invite you to join us as we celebrate our Silver Anniversary! We have an exciting array of events and programs this year. Several are listed below, with additional plans still in the works. I hope you will be a part of what Read More ›

FBI’s iPhone Request Threatens Innovation

Frustrated by its unsuccessful attempt to access the contents of an iPhone that was used by one of the San Bernardino shooting suspects in December, the FBI has obtained a court order requiring Apple’s cooperation. Although the FBI insists this is an exceptional request, limited to a single iPhone, in fact it has grave consequences for tech firms. Read DI Senior Fellow Hance Haney’s analysis at The Stream.

Non-Adaptive Order: An Existential Challenge to Darwinian Evolution

At London’s famous Natural History Museum in South Kensington, a statue of Richard Owen had been prominently placed for many decades at the head of the main staircase. But in a curiously symbolic event on May 23, 2008, the statue was moved to one of the adjacent balconies to make room for a statue of Charles Darwin, which now sits in pride of place. Read the full article at Evolution News.

Beyond Partisanship — Why Clinton is Unfit For Commander in Chief

Writing at Investor’s Business Daily Discovery Institute senior fellow, economist Scott Powell, weighs in on the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. Obsession with the extent and legal culpability of Hillary Clinton in her handling of classified information as secretary of state through a private, home-based and unsecure email server makes for intrigue and anticipation of a perp-walk indictment and ensuing political drama. But it misses the mark on what voters need to understand. Clinton’s repeated claims that she neither received nor sent classified information through her private email system and her tacit assertion of good judgment and accomplishment in national security matters as secretary of state were incredulous from the very beginning. Consider just two things. Read the rest at Read More ›

American Center for Transforming Education: Updates from Washington and Oklahoma

Discovery Institute recently launched its newest program, the American Center for Transforming Education (ACTE), to target one of the nation’s highest priority public policy objectives: improving the performance of the U.S. education system. ACTE blends a focus on increasing parental choice and empowerment with the complementary objectives of reforming certification for teachers and administrators and strengthening teacher preparation programs. ACTE’s work is rooted in the philosophy that the education of the child is a fundamental responsibility of the family. All families, regardless of socioeconomic status, should be able to access the school that they believe will best serve their children. A ZIP code should not be the determining factor in what education a child will be able to receive. In Read More ›