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Broadband Brawl

A Debate Over Net Neutrality

The 10th Annual Gilder | Forbes Telecosm Conference, held October 4-6, 2006 in Lake Tahoe, California, featured an outstanding panel and debate sponsored by the Discovery Institute on the subject of Network Neutrality regulation.

Broadband Brawl: A Debate Over Net Neutrality

  • Tod Cohen: Vice-President and Deputy General Counsel, Government Relations, eBay
  • George Gilder, Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute; Editor in Chief, Gilder Technology Report
  • Peter Huber, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research; Co-founder, Digital Power Capital
  • Andy Kessler, former hedge fund manager; Author, Wall Street Meat, Running Money, How We Got Here, and The End of Medicine
  • Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Law and Founder of Center for Internet and Society, Stanford University
  • Paul McWilliams, Editor, NextInning Technology Research
  • Moderator: Jeff Stambovsky