Captured in a metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia primary school, this photograph depicts a typical classroom scene, where an audience of school children were seated on the floor before a teacher at the front of the room, who was reading an illustrated storybook, during one of the scheduled classroom sessions. One of the female students was assisting the teacher, while the rest of the class listened attentively to the instructor’s narrative.

The Bottom Line Are You Concerned About the Direction of American Public Schools?

At the American Center for Transforming Education we:

  • Promote public education reform through targeted legislative action at the state level to revitalize traditional public schools.
  • Advocate for parental choice of the school they believe will best serve their child, whether traditional public school, public charter school, private school, microschool, virtual school, or homeschool.
  • Inform education policy and practices through outreach to state government policymakers, parents, educators, business leaders, and other education stakeholders.
  • Conduct research and provide innovative solutions to advance the field of education, with a particular focus on teaching, leadership, and governance.
  • Deliver thoughtful analysis of education-related policies, practices, priorities, and current news events through articles, reports, speeches, panel discussion participation, and media interviews.

Our research, analysis, and innovative solutions have been published by numerous national outlets, including the following over the past few months:

Thus far in 2022, we have traveled to Washington D.C. and several key states to meet with top policymakers, State Superintendents, and State Board of Education members. We have spoken with school leaders, parents, community members, and other education stakeholders. These interactions have underscored a resounding theme:  Now is the time for transformational change in our nation’s K-12 education system. Parents must have access to alternatives. The radical indoctrination must stop. And robust learning must occur.

With more resources, we can do more for the sake of our children and the future of our nation. Will you join us with a financial contribution to advance transformational education reform at this key time?


Are you concerned about educating the next generation?
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