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How is the Intelligent Design Movement Doing?

Was the ID movement a success? What did it get right, and how has it changed? In this video, Sean McDowell interviews one of the leading intelligent founders, William Dembski. Dembski reflects back upon the movement and offers suggestions for moving forward. Read More ›

Dr. Gunasekera on the Emerging Field of Nanomedicine

Nanotech has quickly become a fascinating and extensive area of scientific research. This emerging field is blossoming with opportunity and great promise — from nanoscopic cars to a wide variety of other nanomachines including drills that can be used in targeted cancer treatments. By operating on the same nanoscale as chemistry and biology, new levels of miniaturization and efficiency are Read More ›


Antibiotic Resistance & Bacterial Evolution — What’s the Real Story?

We’re excited to announce a live premiere of the latest episode of the Long Story Short YouTube video series. Perhaps you’ve already seen the first two episodes on homology and whale evolution? In this latest episode, our talented animator tackles yet another supposed linchpin of Neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory. Bacterial evolution and antibiotic resistance is one of the all-time greatest hits Read More ›


A Mousetrap for Darwin

Darwin’s Black Box thrust Michael Behe to the forefront of the intelligent design movement. The Lehigh University biochemist has haunted the dreams of Darwinists ever since. Each of his three books sparked a firestorm of criticism, in everything from the New York Times and the journal Science to the private blogs of professional atheists. Over the years, Behe has had a delightful time rebutting each attack, and Read More ›


How Four-Year-Olds Grasp Design Better Than Most Biology Professors

Protein chemist Douglas Axe spoke defends the thesis that, “Four-Year-Olds Grasp Design Better Than Most Biology Professors.” Dr. Axe isn’t denigrating expertise. “The problem,” he says, “is not expertise. The problem is tyranny.” Of course that’s true of more areas of thought than just evolutionary biology, as he goes on to explain. Also, the tyranny is exerted not only by Read More ›


The Miracle of the Cell Book Launch

Biologist Michael Denton’s new book, The Miracle of the Cell, considers the scientific evidence for intelligent design from a new perspective and at a new level. As with his previous books, it’s a more fundamental view than that of all other ID literature. Here, Denton discusses his new book The Miracle of the Cell with Eric Anderson in this Zoom Read More ›

Photo: Red poppy, Auckland Botanic Gardens, Auckland, New Zealand, by Sandy Millar via Unsplash.

Breakout Paper in Journal of Theoretical Biology Explicitly Supports Intelligent Design

The Journal of Theoretical Biology has published an explicitly pro-intelligent design article, “Using statistical methods to model the fine-tuning of molecular machines and systems.” Let’s take a closer look at the contents. Read More ›
Female doctor analyzing liquid in test tube
Female doctor analyzing liquid in test tube

The Decline Effect

Random variation, post-hoc fallacies, and data mining mean that “proven” treatments often decline in apparent effectiveness when released to the general public. Read More ›