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Can This Man PROVE That God Exists Piers Morgan vs Stephen Meyer

Can This Man PROVE That God Exists? Piers Morgan vs Stephen Meyer

In a lively yet in-depth discussion, Piers Morgan drills down to the core of human existence with Stephen C. Meyer, the prominent ‘intelligent design’ advocate. In this Piers Morgan Uncensored special, Meyer firmly rejects the idea that a scientific worldview leads to atheism, arguing instead that ‘the universe requires a creator or cause’. When Richard Dawkin’s name is mentioned, Meyer Read More ›

Dr. Casey Luskin vs Dr. Dan Stern Cardinale- Is the Human Genome Largely Junk DNA?

Dr. Casey Luskin vs Dr. Dan Stern Cardinale: Is the Human Genome Largely Junk DNA?

Dr. Casey Luskin, scientist and attorney with the Discovery Institute and Dr. Dan Stern Cardinale (Aka CreationMyths), biologist and professor, discuss just how much of the human genome is “junk”, if “junk” DNA really even exists, and the methodology of Discovery Institute’s “Intelligent Design” research programs. Additional Resource:

2nd-Annual Polish Conference to Feature Three Discovery Institute Fellows

On June 3-4 at the Royal Castle of Krakow-Niepolomice in Poland, Discovery Institute Fellows Douglas Axe, Brian Miller, and Jay Richards will join Dominican friar, university professor, and author Michał Chaberek to present on the scientific theory of intelligent design and its implications for faith in God. This 2nd-annual conference, Faith & Science in the Age of Secularization, will explore Read More ›


The Farm at the Center of the Universe

Why did Isaac’s father have to die so young? Isaac’s older cousin Charlie — a science teacher — says he knows why. Nature is pitiless. There’s no God. No afterlife. Just atoms in the void and the struggle for survival. Charlie says a week at their grandparents’ farm, seeing animals get killed and eaten, will prove it. But at the Read More ›

Was Your Body Intelligently Designed

Was Your Body Intelligently Designed?

Medical doctor Howard Glicksman and systems engineer Steve Laufmann discuss the incredible design and functionality of the human body in this presentation taped at the 2023 Westminster Conference on Science and Faith sponsored by Discovery Institute and Westminster Theological Seminary. For more information on the topic of this talk, check out the book Your Designed Body by Glicksman and Laufmann: Read More ›

C.S. Lewis on Evolution and Intelligent Design with John West (2024 Dallas Conf. on Science & Faith)

C.S. Lewis on Evolution and Intelligent Design with John West (2024 Dallas Conf. on Science & Faith)

What were C.S. Lewis’s real views on evolution and intelligent design? Dr. John West, Vice President of Discovery Institute, explores this topic in this lecture from the 2024 Dallas Conference on Science & Faith sponsored by Discovery Institute. Dr. West is editor of The Magician’s Twin: C.S. Lewis on Science, Scientism, and Society and co-editor of The C.S. Lewis Readers’ Read More ›


The Big Bang Revolutionaries

Hubble and Einsten are often credited, but the real heroes of the Big Bang revolution are the Russian Alexander Friedmann and Belgian priest Georges Lemaître. The Big Bang Revolutionaries amends the record, telling the remarkable story of how these two men, joined by the mischievous George Gamow and in the face of conventional scientific wisdom, offered a compelling view of a singular creation of the universe in what Lemaître termed a “primeval atom.” Read More ›