Foreign Policy

Obama’s Russia Challenge

This article, published by The Week, quotes Yuri Mamchur of Discovery Institute:

“Unless there is a new effort by Moscow, the ball is now in Obama’s court,” said Yuri Mamchur in Russia Blog. But the truth is that, with their financial meltdowns, “neither of the two countries needs (or can afford) a new missile system in Europe.”

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Freedom, Justice, and Rock ’n’ Roll

This article, published by National Review, quotes John Miller of Discovery Institute” “We’re not talking about good or bad business practices or working conditions,” former ambassador John Miller testifies in the film. “We’re talking about slavery. We’re talking about the loss of freedom and the threats of force or the actual use of violence to deprive people of freedom.” The Read More ›

Call It Slavery

The following is only an excerpt of the article. Click here to read the article in its entirety. “So you’re going to run the State Department’s trafficking office!” a friend exclaimed when he heard the news. “What qualifications do you have to run a motor pool?” That was back in 2002, and despite a history of involvement in human rights Read More ›

The Justice Department, Blind to Slavery

President Bush has won support abroad and bipartisan praise at home for his efforts to combat human trafficking, the slavery of our time. But now that work is imperiled by his own Department of Justice. At the United Nations in 2003, Mr. Bush denounced the sex trafficking of women and girls around the world. A little more than two years Read More ›

Showing Your Flag

Click here for original article (subscription required) Our cover date of June 14 is also the date of one of America’s generally forgotten holidays, Flag Day. John Wohlstetter’s The Long War Ahead and the Short War Upon Us (Discovery Institute, 2008) is a solid example of a patriotic book that concisely and realistically explains what the United States needs to Read More ›

A Crime So Monstrous

If when you think of slavery, you imagine a distant, bygone era, ponder this conversation: Florin: That’s not a lot. For one night, I make two hundred Euros off her . . . . She’s very clean. A very nice girl — you won’t have any problems with her. Whatever you say, she will do.”Skinner: Two thousand seems like a Read More ›

Event Recap: A Crime So Monstrous

Discovery Institute recently hosted a lecture in Washington, D.C. featuring Benjamin Skinner, author of the new book A Crime So Monstrous. The lecture was recorded by C-SPAN’s BookTV. Check back for information on when the program will air. In the meantime, click here to read more.

Analysis: Experts Assess Terror Threats

This article, published by the Middle East Times, mentions Discovery Institute Senior Fellow John Wohlstetter: John Wohlstetter, senior fellow of technology and democracy with the Discovery Institute in Washington, is less concerned about food safety but said we have to keep inspecting regularly, and he identified water supplies and the Internet as vulnerable. The rest of the article can be Read More ›