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Evangelical church in the city of Dali (Yunnan Province - China).
Evangelical church in the city of Dali (Yunnan Province - China).

Use Language to Change the World

Despite the news reports I have read about human rights abuses in China, the reality of the situation never struck me until I felt the fear and thrill of exercising the basic human rights I have always taken for granted. Read More ›

Russia’s Clout in World Energy Market

As war in the Middle East continues to dominate headlines and drive up oil prices, the biggest news in global energy markets this week continues to be OAO Rosneft’s initial public offering. Rosneft is largely a creation of the Kremlin. Until two years ago, the company was an afterthought in the Russian oil market, a state-owned pigmy next to the Read More ›

N. Korea: A Dangerous, But Incompetent Villain

Ever notice the modus operandi of movie villains? When the villain captures the noble protagonist, instead of simply executing the latter and moving on to perform other evil deeds, he dithers and trots out complex machinery to “torture” the hero for a while — a gift, really — leaving just enough time and wiggle room for the protagonist to escape Read More ›

Russian army marching
Officers of the Russian army marching. Military conceptual view.
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Putin’s License To Kill

This week Mayor Yuri Luzhkov is hosting Saudi prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz al Saud in Moscow. On Wednesday President Putin personally met with the prince and chose this particular meeting to announce to the world Russia’s response to the jihadists who murdered five Russian diplomatic workers last week in Iraq: “find and destroy”. Not many people in the world Read More ›

Provocative Missile Launch Could Backfire On North Korea

Will North Korea test-launch its Taepodong 2 missile? And if North Korea were to do so, what should be the U.S. response? Although earlier reports from Japan and South Korea discounted the possibility, a provocation of this magnitude is not out of step with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il’s regime. In 1998, it test-fired an earlier-generation missile, supposedly in Read More ›

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An Amnesty by Any Other Name…

In the debate over immigration, “amnesty” has become something of a dirty word. Some opponents of the immigration bill being debated in the Senate assert that it would grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Supporters claim it would do no such thing. Instead, they say, it lays out a road map by which illegal aliens can earn citizenship. Perhaps Read More ›

Orthodox Activists Burn “Da Vinci Code”” Poster in Central Moscow

Original Article Created: 19.05.2006 11:10 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 11:10 MSK Moscow– Around 100 protesters representing a Russian Orthodox movement Thursday burned a poster advertising the The Da Vinci Code at Pushkin Square in central Moscow, on the day of the controversial film’s premier, RIA Novosti news agency reports. Protesters at the meeting, organized by the Union of Orthodox Citizens, Read More ›

Hines Ward’s Tale of American Transcendence

Now that it is May, have Seattleites recovered from the Seahawks’ Super Bowl loss? May is also “Asian Pacific American History Month.” What does the Super Bowl have anything to do with this ethnic tokenism? Hines Ward, the Super Bowl most valuable player, of course! Ward’s saga made headlines after the Pittsburgh Steelers’ victory in February. It had the makings Read More ›

I’m Not Illegal

SEATTLE — As crowds of illegal immigrants march through America’s streets, I peer down at the protesters from my office here and wonder, “Why don’t I march with them?” Well, because I’m not illegal. In the last six years, while visiting this country and starting my new job with the free-market Discovery Institute, I have paid the U.S. government nearly Read More ›

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3d render for 3 colorful elephant type low poly
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Republicans On Immigration: The War Within

Egged on by more illegal immigrant protests, the cantankerous debate about immigration policy continues in Washington, as President Bush and legislators of both parties struggle to reach a grand bargain, the mother of all immigration reforms. A compromise has been difficult to achieve, in part because the Democrats have taken the classic posture of an opposition party — they oppose Read More ›