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A Danger of Being Obamatized

This article, published by Investor’s Business Daily, mentions Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder: More than a quarter-century ago, Discovery Institute fellow George Gilder knew that government benefits, in all their various forms, would fail to solve — and actually exacerbate — a deeper problem. The rest of the article can be found here.

The Elements of Innovation

George Gilder (Chairman, Gilder Publishing, LLC) talks of how, despite all the dismal reports and rumors you encounter about the state of the economy and the state of American technology, 2008 is the time of the Telecosm’s fulfillment.


A New Road Ahead

A “New Road Ahead” by Bob Bernard, Chief Environmental Strategist at Microsoft, presented at the Beyond Oil conference in 2008. With Steve Marshall, Senior Fellow for Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Center.

Why Stocks Stink

This article, published by Forbes, mentions Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder: In January Bret Swanson, a fellow at the Progress & Freedom Foundation, in conjunction with George Gilder, of the Discovery Institute, released a report about a dazzling future of movie downloads, Internet video and an explosion in business traffic. The rest of the article can be found here.

The Wireless World

Jeff Belk, Senior VP of Strategy & Market Development, Qualcomm illuminates the immense accomplishments of the wireless revolution and its rapid growth. Read More ›

Democrats Soak The Poor — And The Rich

BALTIMORE – For three-quarters of a century, Democrats have advocated liberal economic policies. But a radical shift appears under way. In an attempt to reform their soak-the-rich image, Democrats are casting their ideological heritage by the wayside. Don’t believe me? Just ask the poor. Lost among the wreckage of the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan (SCHIP) kerfuffle — the attempt Read More ›

The Exacosm

George Gilder speaks at the 2007 Telecosm conference. He discusses ten laws that define the current exacosm that the world is in as a result of the telecosm and how we should act on the new stage of the world economy.