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Democrats Soak The Poor — And The Rich

BALTIMORE – For three-quarters of a century, Democrats have advocated liberal economic policies. But a radical shift appears under way. In an attempt to reform their soak-the-rich image, Democrats are casting their ideological heritage by the wayside. Don’t believe me? Just ask the poor. Lost among the wreckage of the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan (SCHIP) kerfuffle — the attempt Read More ›

The Exacosm

George Gilder speaks at the 2007 Telecosm conference. He discusses ten laws that define the current exacosm that the world is in as a result of the telecosm and how we should act on the new stage of the world economy.

The World at Our Fingertips

Steve Forbes speaks at the 2007 Telecosm Conference. His discussion of the global economy and its large scale progression and development in the last decade has delivered us to a type of “golden age.” This, however, does not mean everything is perfect. Listen in as Steve Forbes speaks on where we need to be careful as he clarifies what is Read More ›

The Global Warming Myth

Dr. Noah Robinson speaks on the myth of global warming at the 2007 Telecosm conference. He shows that the warm spell we are currently experiencing is not abnormal and began prior to the world’s heavy use of hydrocarbons. Listen as he presents the evidence for global warming being a fabrication.

No Taxation Without Representation? How ‘Bout No Taxation!

WASHINGTON – The House passed legislation granting D.C. a voting congressional seat, and today the Senate votes for cloture on its version, which would grant Utah a fourth House seat. But let’s face it: Even if Democrats and Republicans believe their talking points, this is politics. Democrats are looking for another strong Democratic seat, and the District is one of Read More ›

One on One: Faith in Hierarchy

This article, published by the Jerusalem Post, includes an interview with Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder: George Gilder has been famous in the United States for more than three decades. Well, infamous would be a more accurate adjective – considering the political-cultural climate in which he emerged and to which he has devoted his life’s research and writings. The Read More ›

Sayonara to World Finance Sisters?

Do you think the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) should be abolished? These sister organizations had their annual spring meetings in Washington this past weekend. It is obvious to everyone that both organizations are in deep trouble. The two organizations were conceived at a Bretton Woods, N.H., conference in July 1944. The IMF was given primary Read More ›

The Test on Tax Reform

If politicians tell you they favor “tax reform” and “tax simplification,” what do you think they mean? The fact is most politicians, including the current presidential candidates, say they will give us tax reform and simplification, but what they mean differs widely. Each candidate will strive to try to define those words in such a way that will attract more Read More ›

Oblivious to Reality

If you knew how to make life better for your fellow Americans, would you? The political class in Washington constantly claims it “cares about you,” but when it comes to policy many do just the opposite. Most people understand the Republicans messed up by allowing nondefense spending to grow faster than the economy. The Democrats ran against the irresponsible Republicans Read More ›