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Gilder, in Israel, Sees Still More Tech Inventions Coming

Israeli prowess in technology is the subject that started George Gilder on the path to writing The Israel Test, and it is the subject also that Gilder will emphasize in the upcoming Gilder/Forbes Telecosm 20009 conference in Tarrytown, New York November 10-12. In Israel last week to promote his book and to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Gilder talked to many old Read More ›

Israel & Innovation

George Gilder speaks of the per capita and overall success that Israel has had. These are the innovations that cultures depend on and by which prosperity relies on.

The Lesson of History

George Gilder discusses the Lesson of History. The Lesson of History: technology comes from relatively few people. The Jewish diaspora, Gilder claims, was the key source for these developments.

From Harvard to Haifa

Bruce Chapman has a conversation during the Gorton Lecture Series with George Gilder about his influential life .

Jewish Brain Power Fuels Israeli Technology

This article, published by CBN News, quotes Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder: In his new book, The Israel Test author George Gilder said Israel is hated because it is successful, free, and good. Jews throughout history have contributed to humanity disproportionately. For example, Jews make up a miniscule proportion of the world’s population but have produced more than 20 Read More ›

How to Lose Friends

This article, published in the Denver Post, quotes Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder: Noted intellectual George Gilder argues in his recent book, “The Israel Test,” that where you stand on Israel — not always, but in general — is an indication about how you feel about the ideals of liberty and capitalism. The debate over Israel, he claims, is Read More ›

Israel’s Other War

This article, published by Townhall, mentions Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder: That’s the supreme irony of George Gilder’s “Israel Test”: Religious Jews are among those who fail it. The full article can be found here.

Gilder Book a “Unique Contribution”

This article, published by The Jerusalem Post, quotes Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder: As American economic and technology guru George Gilder puts it in his new book The Israel Test, “The test of a culture is what it accomplishes in advancing the human cause – what it creates rather than what it claims.” The rest of the article can be Read More ›

What’s Israel Got to Do with It?

This article, published by National Review, discusses Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder: Bill Gates famously called George Gilder “very stimulating even when I disagree with him, and most of the time I agree with him.” The issues on which Gilder has staked out stimulating positions over more than 30 years as a writer and public intellectual are wide-ranging. The Read More ›

The Promise Land

This article, published by City Journal, provides a review of Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder’s book The Israel Test: It was serendipitous that I was in Israel when I read The Israel Test, the latest book from George Gilder, the high-tech guru and author of the classic Wealth and Poverty. Almost every day during the six weeks that I spent Read More ›