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Silicon Israel

The most precious resource in the world economy is human genius, which we may define as the ability to devise significant inventions that enhance survival and prosperity. At any one time, genius is embodied in just a few score thousand people, a creative minority that accounts for most human accomplishment and wealth. Cities and nations rise and thrive when they Read More ›

The Israel Test

This article, published by Human Events, provides a review of Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder’s book The Israel Test: Gilder sees his eponymous test as a moral challenge, observing that the world has come to see moral challenge as matters of charity and compassion toward victims. Victims are usually poor and underprivileged, the very proof of their state of victimhood. But Israel Read More ›

Big Business, If You’re So Rich, Why Aren’t You Smart?

The Wall Street Journal suggests bluntly what people in the pharmaceutical industry should have been asking for weeks: In the process of selling out on Health Care, has Big Pharma been sold out? Or has Big Pharma just sold out the public that counts on its ever-burgeoning cornucopia of new wonder drugs? That the industry has tried to cut a deal with the White Read More ›

athletic man cuts his body of marble stone
athletic man cuts his body of marble stone

Lives of Toil and Stress, Not Self Indulgence

In pop culture, images of wealthy executives usually connect the execs with yachts and swimming pools, golf-courses and ski lodges, Gulfstreams, and absurdly expensive restaurants. A more accurate portrayal would emphasize long hours, BlackBerry interruptions, punishing stress, lost sleep and missed family occasions. In ground-breaking work, Dalton Conley, chair of the sociology department at New York University, reveals that “it Read More ›

Israel Inside

The Israel Test By George Gilder (Richard Vigilante Books, 296 pages, $27.95) This latest book from one of the planet’s intellectual titans of the past generation is one of his most important. Given George Gilder’s astonishing range and foresight — including family structure, welfare, the practical and moral case for enterprise capitalist wealth creation, the transformation of the computer and Read More ›

Israel is just too successful for the losers of the Leftist intelligentsia

This article, published by The Telegraph, contains a review of Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder’s book The Israel Test: The unpredictable, sometimes zany, but often brilliant conservative writer George Gilder has just come out with a new book, entitled The Israel Test. The rest of the article can be found here.

Pass This Test

This article, published by National Review, provides a review of Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder’s book The Israel Test: George Gilder is a phenomenon. With a restless and questing mind, he has written books on feminism, capitalism, technology, and other topics. These books are absorbing, provocative, and somewhat original. The rest of the article can be found here.

Gilder Throws Down a Gauntlet

This article, published by Townhall, is about Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder and his book The Israel Test: Charles Murray, no slouch among public intellectuals, described him as the most underrated public intellectual in America today. Murray offered this assessment of George Gilder at a recent American Enterprise Institute colloquium to discuss Gilder’s newest book, “The Israel Test.” The rest Read More ›